This Startup Creates Smart Food for Smart Cities

4pm Bars-Nutrition and taste never complimented better

A regular day at a corporate includes the usual setting, the usual schedules, the deadlines, the food! Organization, coordination and repetition are the major iterations a person follows throughout the day.

And in concern with the food, well – Isn’t it true that most of the time, those 10-minute short breaks and the coffee table roundabouts are an excuse to have conversations over some happening gossip or possibly a new colleague or even a new strategy the company might be introducing. And those long board-room meetings that never seem to be coming to an end! Do you ever wonder what you feast on during those “extremely important” pauses? Yes, they might be unimportant for the time being, but they sure pose a threat to your health in the long term.

Unhealthy eating habits and binging on those yummy-but-oh-so-not-healthy food has become a routine either by choice or a compulsion. Choice of stuffing your tummy with what it likes, choice of choosing indulgence over boredom, choice of taste over nutrition. Isn’t it very likely for an individual to choose his rebellious tongue over his always bearing-with-it-all stomach? As far as the choice or compulsion arena goes, there are many out there who aren’t bound by urge, but rather enforced under the given circumstances.

As the easiest option, indulging on street food or ordering something in the office seems quite handy and convenient. And for obvious reasons, having home cooked/healthy food is not possible all the time, anytime and everywhere. As everything has its consequences, continuously consuming such foods lead to health deprivation, heart stroke and obviously, obesity.

In today’s fast paced world, people are so engrossed with their daily schedules that they hardly find time for themselves. Busy schedules, heavy workload and mental pressure accumulated together lead to unhealthy and untimely food habits. These unhealthy dietary habits ultimately lead to health issues and reduced life expectancy.

Sensing the results of such unhealthy binging, the need to form something that satisfies the taste buds as well as is healthy and nutritious arises. Thus, came to life the 4pm bars-made from all the natural, revitalizing and nutrient-dense food required to keep you healthy and strong. The key element of 4pm bar being Spirulina. Born from the core of the corporate world, 4pm bars were formulated keeping in mind the corporate lifestyle of gorging on unhealthy snacks and junk food as the practice for when the stomach craves for something to eat around evening.

This Startup Creates Smart Food for Smart Cities

Why Spirulina?
Identified as the most nutritious edible on the planet, spirulina is rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and much more. One spoonful of spirulina contains the nutrition amount equal to that found in 3kgs of assorted fruits and vegetables. It origins back to the epitome of the food chain. Spirulina is the oldest form of life on earth. It is a unicellular(single-cell) organism enriched with all the nutrients necessary for sustaining a life.

It is an excellent source of:
• 8 essential amino acids
• Beta carotene
• Iron
• Gamma linoleic acids and many more.

The health care virtues of spirulina are:
• Helps in diabetes
• Relieves allergies
• Anti-cancer
• Provides eye health
• Anti-aging
• Purifies liver
• Is great for cardiovascular and brain health

Henceforth, spirulina can be said as a cure too! And that is why, spirulina is the main ingredient of the 4pm bars.
Formulated without any preservatives, 4pm bars are absolutely safe, handy, compact and have the luscious taste of chocolate to flavour your cravings.

They can be used as a solution to hunger pangs, rescuer to critical food situations such as trekking, sports, post-gym and even as a saviour to your counter-boredom indulgences.

4 PM bar

4pm bar is the one-for-all solution to each of these wants. It is a power packed subsistence to your fast-paced lifestyle where nutrition – the most important necessity of a diet, is being neglected considerably.

Why 4pm bar?
• High nutrition value
• Made from all-natural products
• Rich source of proteins, vitamins, omega-3 and calcium
• Great alternative to unhealthy foods
• Satiates hunger
• Appetizing!

4pm Bars-Nutrition and taste never complimented better

Apart from spirulina-the super food, made with the goodness of oats and cashews and using only natural sugars, 4pm bar has everything required to give you a nutrient rich experience along with a delish to your taste buds. In addition to the goodness, it is loaded with luscious dark chocolate to compliment the nutritious value. So, there you are, taste complimenting health, and easily available! Go on, have your fill without bothering about the consequences with these bars. Let your body love you back, if you love our bars,buy them now at