This startup is India’s first holistic health platform and delivers services based on wide-ranging genetic analytics


The Gene Box essentially unboxes mystery of your DNA. The human body is made of several trillions of cells and is made up of thousands of genes. It often plays an important role in overall health too. This startup is India’s first holistic health platform and delivers services based on wide-ranging genetic analytics

As a result, the genetic research plays an important role in detection, prevention and/or treatment of diseases which are caused by genetic abnormalities and mutations.

Logo_The_Gene_boxIn today’s scenario, cure of an ailment is no longer magical or mystical. In fact we know that accurate diagnostic is the key to right therapy. With a growing population every year, the burden of genetic diseases is very high. Many diseases can be predicted with great accuracy if genetic testing is done at the appropriate stage.

Using sophisticated algorithm and recommendations engine TGB will help you achieve a better lifestyle. The Gene Box takes into account the key difference of your life stages and progressively evolves recommendations for your body / health. The gene box will enable a collaborative, tailored and accurate plan for your body’s nutrition and fitness needs taking into consideration your current health. In future it will also evolve you to select right medicines and dosage based on efficiency of your metabolism. 


How it came into existence?

An athlete Shiraz Siddiqui who has survived cancer thrice, giving ‘survival’ a whole new meaning. For the past ten years, he has successfully locked horns with Leukemia, having endured as many as four protocols of chemotherapy and radiation followed by a high-risk haplo-identical bone marrow transplant. Nothing stopped his motivation and passion of healthcare, while being a marathon runner, a sportsmen with unmatchable will power launched ‘Gene Box’  with Pranav Anam who left his family’s giant real estate business (Nirmal Lifestyle group). Having a degree of B.Sc in Genetics, Pranav is a recipient of a scholarship at University of Newcastle and a qualified geneticist. Pranav has been in the industry for 10+ years. He has been a Director strategy with Virtus Wellness for 6 years, CEO of Emprocell for 2 years and Deputy GM with EmProcell for 1 year.

Employees – The Gene Box

They were contemplating to build an ecosystem for fitness and nutrition for almost a year. Later, they took a look and integrating Personal Genomics on the platform. They started exploring the Idea in JUNE 2015 and by September 2015 they launched. They are still essentially a soft launch. 

Employess_TGB 2

Explanation of business and model in simple terms:
They are essentially a platform which brings Nutrition, Fitness and Genetics on one platform. They will make revenue through sale of products and subscription based services. Business metrics – like number of downloads, visits, orders a month, clients on board.

Pranav Anam and Shiraz Siddiqui, Founder- The Gene Box
From left to right: Pranav Anam and Shiraz Siddiqui

How it works?

Genetics is largely about likelihood, akin to a weather forecast predicting a 60% probability of rain, which means that given the evidence, chances of rain are higher, although there is a 40% chance that it may not rain. However, not all genetics is like that. Certain genetic conditions called monogenic conditions carry cent per cent likelihood. In certain other conditions, it varies between 99% to 1%. Scientists often combine the likelihood of multiple genes to increase the certainty of likelihood for a certain event. The proper way to interpret genetic likelihood is to develop your awareness of your inborn susceptibilities and tendencies and verify them through other pieces of information to the extent possible, acting on the side of caution.

The comprehensive data analysis forms the basis for customized food and fitness recommendations across various age groups and health goals – from schools kids keen to excel in physical activities to senior citizens aspiring for a healthy lifestyle, from sports enthusiasts participating in marathons to professional athletes playing competitive sport. Currently, the analysis and recommendations of most players in the nutrition and fitness industry focus on physical attributes unlike individual’s genetic constitution. The Gene Box studies the person’s food and fitness specifics thereby arriving at tailor-made recommendations that are free of genetic conclusions. Advices/suggestion on lifestyles diseases he/she may be genetically prone to and how to keep them at bay. The Gene Box procures your saliva sample – in a special kit dispatched and collected from your home – and performs a series of core tests to determine your genetic constitution.

Market numbers? How big is the market, what is the potential?
The Indian population is moving towards fitness and overall well-being as a means to de-stress themselves from hectic work pressure, and combat unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. The Wellness market in India is estimated to be around 1 trillion INR.

Challenges you face to take the company to the next level and/or challenges they have faced so far
People aren’t able to comprehend on how important this is. Capital and knowledge partners are very crucial to help sustain the growth of the company. People are hesitant but the rate of adoption is improving. Mapmygenome, Gene Supports, etc are select people offering such kind of test to understand various fitness apps providing a one off solution. It is our indirect competition. 

Procedure to conduct the test:
Buy The Test Online: First you will have to purchase The Gene Box kit online on our website 

Delivery: Once you have purchased the kit, we ship it to you on the next working day. The Kit will reach you in 2-3 working days. 

Test: You are required to collect the sample of your saliva in a vial and then pour the medium given to you in the saliva kit and seal pack it. 

Return Pick Up: Once you have collected your test sample, you need to inform us to arrange return pick up of the Kit. 

Process: The process takes 6-8 weeks after which a customised report is generated based on the results of your DNA. 

Report: You can view the report by logging in to your account on our website

The Gene Box_Product Image
Image for the saliva kit

Any landmark difference made to any customer – please mention in detail

Positive Impact of Genetic Testing – Clients

Mr. Harish Shroff:

He was finding it difficult to lose weight. After few diet and fitness plan modification as per Genetic Test Results he lost 3 kg. He has also noticed the weight loss in inches.

Name :  The Gene Box

Founder :  Mr. Shiraz Siddiqui (founder), Mr. Pranav Anam (co- founder)

Launch Date: October, 2015


Location :  Mumbai