Transforming Private Equity: Insights from Planify Capital’s CEO

Rajesh Singla - Founder & CEO, Planify
Rajesh Singla - Founder & CEO, Planify

Planify is a leading platform in India’s startup ecosystem, connecting entrepreneurs with investors in startups, Pre-IPOs, and Unicorns. Founded on principles of democratizing access to capital, Planify aims to fuel the growth of every entrepreneur. With a vision to be the premier destination for angel investing, Planify boasts a diverse portfolio of over 300 companies, with shares valued at ₹250+ Crores. Backed by marquee investors and a global base of accredited investors, Planify facilitates funding rounds ranging from Seed to Series A, while offering innovative solutions like ESOP liquidation and secondary exits. With a relentless commitment to simplifying private market complexities, Planify is reshaping the future of entrepreneurship and investment in India.

Rajesh Singla, the Founder & CEO, has a background in engineering and extensive experience in various domains. He started Planify in 2019 with a vision to democratize the private equity market. Ishima Singla, the Chief Investment Officer, heads research and investments, leveraging her expertise in financial research and content creation.

Join us as we delve deeper into the vision and journey of Rajesh Singla, Founder & CEO of Planify, and discover how Planify is reshaping the future of entrepreneurship and investment in India:

Q: What Problem Are You Trying to Solve, and Why Do You Think It’s Significant?
Planify Capital addresses the lack of access and transparency in India’s private equity market and the challenges faced by investors and startups. These include high entry barriers, lack of liquidity and exit options, insufficient information and valuation, credibility issues with intermediaries, and the absence of standardization and regulation. We aim to democratize the market by connecting investors directly with startups, providing services like fundraising support, valuation, curated investment opportunities, transparent transactions, and portfolio management.

Q: Who Are the Core Team Members, and What Are Their Roles?
The core team includes:
– Prateek Gupta: Investment Banking Associate Manager
– Dhruv Arora: Client & Investor Advisor
– Shubham Maurya: Fundraising Advisor for Founders
– Sunil Pant & Soumyadeep Chatterjee: Financial Analysts
– Akash Mittal & Nirmal Kirola: Tech Developers
– Amisha Shrivastava & Sakshi Ambasta: Marketing Specialists
– Shree Gupta: Finance Manager
– Mushkan Yadav: HR Manager

Q: Tell Us About the Product/ Solution and How You Achieved Product-Market Fit.
Planify is a fintech platform facilitating investments in startups, pre-IPOs, and unicorns. We validated the need for our solution through market research, interviews, and events. Our platform offers curated investment opportunities, valuation services, legal support, transparent transactions, and portfolio management tools. We have attracted over 20,000 investors and facilitated over ₹350 Cr worth of investments.

Q: What Is Your USP?
Our platform offers private shares discovery, transparent pricing, financial research reports, ESOP liquidity, and a comprehensive investment ecosystem. We leverage technology, content, and a strong network to provide unique investment opportunities and valuable insights.

Q: What Were Your Initial Assumptions, and How Did You Validate Them?
We assumed a demand for startup funding and a lack of liquidity in the private market. We validated these assumptions through market research, interviews, events, and a growing user base of over 50,000 investors.

Q: What Has Been Your Biggest Entrepreneurial Lesson?
Our biggest lesson was the importance of genuine fundamentals over frothy valuations. We learned to prioritize sustainable growth and resilience in the face of market dynamics.

Q: How Is the Product Priced, and What Is Your Business Model?
We offer a freemium model, providing basic services for free and advanced tools through subscription. This flexible pricing strategy ensures value for investors seeking in-depth analysis and investment tools.

Q: Tell Us About Your Investors.
Planify is backed by prominent investors like Bhumika Shrivastava, Shashvat Nakrani, Devendra Jain, Sunil Goel, Mankind Pharma family office, and others.

Q: Do You Have an Interesting Success Story?
We achieved a turnover growth from zero to ₹150 Cr in three years, attracted over 50,000 investors, and facilitated over ₹350 Cr worth of investments.

Q: What’s the Value of Business Done Since Inception?
Since inception, we facilitated over ₹350 Cr worth of investments, attracted over 50,000 investors, and achieved a turnover of ₹150 Cr.

Q: What’s the Big Picture for Your Startup?
We aim to organize the ₹1,20,000 Cr market and become the go-to platform for startup funding and investment banking in India.

Q: Who Are Your Competitors, and How Do You Differentiate?
We compete with entities offering fragmented services in the private market. Our differentiation lies in our comprehensive platform, curated opportunities, and transparent transactions.

Q: What Are Your Goals for the Next Six Months?
Our primary goal is to launch the AIF Venture x Fund within the next six months.

Q: Any Message for Fellow Entrepreneurs?
Initiate sales early, prioritize customer satisfaction, and ensure product-market fit before scaling up your business model.