Vision of this startup is to make spaces experiential that inspire, educate, benefit, entertain and tickle the customers

Stall Design

BlueGarage Logo“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”. This is the motto of BlueGarage. It is one of the leading experiential space design companies of India that is based in Mumbai & Delhi.

BlueGarage started its operation in the year 2011 and successfully handled almost 20 experiential design displays across Delhi by the mid of the year 2012. The company has grown by leaps and bounds since then and there seems to be no looking back for it.

Its Founder is Ms. Shruti Maheshwari who is an alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi and INIFD & Arena Multimedia, Jaipur. She is well known as a Visual Storyteller who manages to blend her creative flare with her diverse design backgrounds of Fashion, Retail & Multimedia. She started her career in 2004 as a freelancer for Corporate Presentations, Logo Design, Trousseau Design & Fashion-shoot Styling. After completing her Masters in Design from NIFT-Delhi in 2009, she realized that she could blend all different design disciplines into one to start an experiential designing firm.

Shruti Maheshwari - Founder of BlueGarage
Shruti Maheshwari, Founder of BlueGarage

It was then that a hunt was started to understand what people want when they go out to a mall or retail brand for shopping? Just the product or service or more? The answer when found, seemed deceptively simple- An Experience. A good and different experience is what customers want. An EXPERIENCE is what even a brand wants. Thus, BlueGarage came into limelight. Shruti says, “BlueGarage creates experiences for both customer & brand through interactive, intellectual & inspirational displays that lead to dramatic footfalls, sales & cherished memories”. For a business startup, the biggest part of managing its reputation lies in its rigorous research, innovative design, flawless execution, managing vendors & meeting deadlines; but customer satisfaction still remains on top-priority in order to keep them intact.

Kargil Day Photo-op
Kargil Day Photo-op
Kargil Day Theme- 'Lest We Forget'
Kargil Day Theme- ‘Lest We Forget’

Initially, the company’s target was to undertake Visual Merchandising projects but, over a period of time, its focus turned to the new and trending world of Photo-ops that could be designed & executed in just a period of 2-3 days and brought results that were quick and beyond any user’s experience. Their target customers are shopping malls that want to increase the footfalls and want walk-ins to come back again & again and retail stores or restaurants that need a facade makeover/window display to garner more attention.

Dogs' Show
Dogs’ Show
Dogs' Show
Dogs’ Show

Their displays are based on AIDA principle to pull in walk-ins in any space. AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire & Action.

Kargil Day
Kargil Day
Gates' design
Gates’ design

The unique selling point of the company is that they are a mix of Experiential Space Designers, Visual Storytellers, Pragmatists & Avant-Gardists. They seem to understand what brands want & what their customers want. They work both ways of the string to pull the brand & its customers closer. Their photo-ops have been proved to be like magic-wands where walk-ins exponentially increase in a couple of days after the display installation. Once the installation is removed, they start working on the brand’s next installation. These displays are installed at mid-night to give surprise to the passers-by the very next morning.

Market Café, Khan Market, Delhi Theme- 'Mediterranean Sidewalk'
Market Café, Khan Market, Delhi Theme- ‘Mediterranean Sidewalk’

BlueGarage now has been successfully running for five years with over 50 projects executed and perfectly knows how to convert a passer-by into a walk-in and a walk-in into a valuable customer. The founder claims that design and execution technique is a mix of ART and SCIENCE. (Artistic thematic displays and Science of Shopping).

Manan Retail Store, Khan Market, Delhi Theme- ‘Santorini’
Manan Retail Store, Khan Market, Delhi Theme- ‘Santorini’

Their goal in next five years is to undertake Photo-op design execution work for all retail malls in Delhi & Mumbai and target a minimum of 50 Retail brands to associate with them for their Window Displays.

Select Citywalk Mall, Delhi
Select Citywalk Mall, Delhi

Some of the memorable events that they would like to share here:
Photo-ops installed in Select Citywalk Mall, Delhi
• Kargil Day: Theme- ‘Lest We Forget’
• Cow Festival: Theme- ‘Barnyard Friends’
• Dogs’ Adoption Show: Theme- ‘A Cause 4 the Paws’
• Pets’ Day Out: Theme- ‘Hawaiian Dogs’
• Gandhi Jayanti: Theme- ‘3 Wise Monkeys’
• Rakhi Bazaar gate design: Theme- ‘Paisley Art Installation’

Stores & Restaurants across India
• Manan Retail Store, Khan Market, Delhi: Theme- ‘Santorini’
• Market Café, Khan Market, Delhi: Theme- ‘Mediterranean Sidewalk’
• Lladro, Pan India: Theme- ‘Ramayana’
• Seasons Furnishings Pvt Ltd: Theme- ‘Club Class’
• Wrap: Theme- ‘Urban Splashes’
• Amulya Mica: Theme- ‘Celebrating Life’

BlueGarage invites freelance graphic designers, artists & interior designers to associate with them to work in collaboration. Shruti says, “Our Vision is to make spaces experiential that inspire, educate, benefit, entertain and tickle us!”