India, August 2019: XYXX, one of India’s leading premium category of fashionable men innerwear has launched ‘The Underwear Code’ on 5th August marking the occasion of International Underwear Day. Being a day celebrated in USA and many other countries, XYXX is the first brand in India to take a step towards commemorating this special occasion in the country. This campaign makes a mark as it gives men’s innerwear its due importance, the most underrated men’s garment that actually is the most important.

The Underwear Code, a sole initiative by XYXX, is a definitive manual that prescribes the official yet quirky underwear guidelines for men and also explains the different types of innerwear for them along with their uses. This initiative undertaken by XYXX encourages men to to discuss their ‘undie’ issues without hesitation and accept that the underwear is an extension of the outer wardrobe and must look and feel good. As per general notion, unlike women, a man is not too concerned about his innerwear. To change this perspective and highlight that men care about their basic and everyday essential, XYXX has issued eight, very helpful specifications.

99 problems but an undie ain’t one! Starting from being comfortable to providing tips on how to maintain hygiene and to the favourite ‘undies speak louder than words,’ this Code is ideal for providing day to day tips and some real ‘bro talk’. If you love flaunting your waistline whenever you bend or flex for no reason in public, this code also mentions some great and valuable tips for those peek-a-boos.

The Underwear Code is available on purchase of its products across all platforms in India. Towards the launch, Mr.Yogesh Kabra, founder of XYXX said, “We are extremely thrilled and excited to launch The Underwear Code on International Underwear Day. According to a survey, there is unawareness regarding how important it is for men to focus on their innerwear. It is considered more of a ‘woman’s topic’ and to break away from this belief, we decided to launch The Underwear Code which will not only provide tips and suggestions, but will also provide quirky and fun guidelines for our men. We chose International Underwear Day to highlight its importance and to celebrate it in a special way.”

XYXX is a premium category of comfortable innerwear at accessible price points that bridges the gap between Jockey and Calvin Klein. Aimed at an 18-40-year-old male audience, the brand places the cool, comfortable, and energetic youth of today at the centre of their product development. The brand combines comfort and style, luxury and value, and elegance and fun. The idea was to make the first garment choice of the day, a more exciting and fulfilling affair for everyone. The brand has various collections which are not only good quality but also fashionable. They have colour blocked, platinum and silver bands, printed and premium collections. The product is versatile and something a man would like to try on as it comes with comfort!