Y-Combinator-backed WriteSonic Launches ChatSonic: A Supercharged AI Chatbot

Samanyou Garg, Founder of Writesonic
Samanyou Garg, Founder of Writesonic

– Writesonic, a startup backed by world-renowned accelerator Y-Combinator, has launched ChatSonic, a powerful chat-based language generation technology.
– The company, which is headquartered in Delaware, USA, raised $2.6 million in a seed round in September 2021, led by Soma Capital and featuring participation from 20 other investors.
– The team behind Writesonic is planning to raise a Series A/B round of funding in the first quarter of 2023.

Battle for AI-powered content generator’s throne begins.

Editorial Synopsis: How ChatSonic Addresses ChatGPT’s Limitations

  • ChatSonic is not restricted to 2021 data; 
  • It offers information on the latest topics with Google-search integration; 
  • It provides AI image generation through DallE and Stable Diffusion integrations within chat;
  • It responds to voice commands like Siri or Alexa do;
  • It offers personalised avatars such as math teacher, fitness trainer, etc.; 
  • ChatSonic’s Chrome extension enables the user to use it’s AI capabilities on any website;
  • ChatSonic provides custom templates for various features such as blogs, ads, emails, tweets, etc.; and,
  • ChatSonic’s API allows businesses to easily integrate it with their own platforms.

January 23rd, 2023, Delhi: The startup Writesonic, founded by Delhi-based Samanyou Garg and backed by Y-Combinator, has launched ChatSonic, a powerful AI-powered content creation platform that allows users to create content ten times faster than other similar tools on the market.

Unlike OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has faced issues with limited results, downtime, and lack of an API, ChatSonic is integrated with Google search results, boasts near-zero downtime, and includes an API for easy integration with businesses’ platforms. Additionally, ChatSonic offers a variety of features such as voice commands, personalized chat, and a Chrome extension that displays ChatGPT-like responses alongside Google search results.

These features allow for the easy creation of various types of content including blog posts, emails, tweets, product descriptions and more on any website.

Samanyou Garg, founder of Writesonic says, “ChatSonic has emerged as the best alternative to ChatGPT, surpassing all of its limitations. In the last 3-4 weeks, ChatSonic’s user base has grown by 10X with hundreds of thousands of users using the platform every week. So far, ChatSonic has generated more than 3 Million pieces of content that is equivalent to more than 1 Billion words.”.

He further added, “In today’s busy world, it can be hard to break the writer’s block. That’s why we created a platform with a user-friendly interface that works for customers, businesses, organizations, and content creators alike. It allows them to easily create content with minimal human intervention.” Additionally, he announced that the ChatSonic mobile app will be launching on Android and iOS platforms this week.