100 Days of a Face Reader, How This IMTian Tells You About the Hidden Spheres of Your Life/Personality

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Nitesh Gurnani, Founder, Chehraspeaks, Face Reader & Advisor Bitwine.com

Nitesh Gurnani, Founder, Chehraspeaks
Nitesh Gurnani, Founder, Chehraspeaks

What is the problem you are trying to solve? Can you share with us any insights that led you to believe that this is a big enough problem? 
Each & every individual faces trouble in one of the dimensions of their life related to decision making, our love life, emotional breakdowns. Based on my face reading skills, initially I tell them about their nature & their behaviour by looking at face. After that, I suggest ways to improve which help them in overcoming their weakness and give them mental strength in accomplishing and becoming better in life.

I don’t know if this is a big enough problem but it is substantially an issue which every one of us faces in our life at some point or the other, and if somebody comes in our life and holds our hand and support us, it feels great!!! My International as well as Indian clients fortunately felt wonderful after the face reading, so that led to believe me that it is something worthy to spend your time for.

What is the uniqueness about your Startup? 
Underlying uniqueness is the metaphysical thing of Face Reading in my startup,it was really difficult as to start this because I wasn’t able to follow any path of someone as nobody was there and people criticised me in the beginning,but somehow my friends supported me to lift this up and fortunately now it is running well.

What is the revenue model? Explain your thought process. 
I offer face reading and charge through two ways:

1) Offering Free Mini Reading on Facebook page: I am the moderator and approved Face Reader of 5 groups of Psychic & Medium Reading on Facebook so it gives me access to around 50000 members. When I release a post of doing a free mini face reading(Live session on Facebook), I select around 7 members out of 60-70 members who comment on my post.Hearing those videos around 3-4 members connect with me personally on a span of two days for full detailed paid reading which cost $20 per face reading.

2) Bitwine.com ( World’s Leading Psychic Network): This is my second platform where in I don’t need to market for myself as they do the advertising for me and I need to pay 40% commission to them but they give me enough traffic at good rates.

100 Days of a Face Reader, How This IMTian Tells You About the Hidden Spheres of Your LifePersonality

Who are the consumers that you are targeting? How is this going to affect them? 
My target market is people who go through some emotional turmoil and need direction in their life. Filling them with energies and realising them their positive force, I try to change them through my skills.

What is the big picture of your startup? Will it lead to something bigger? If so, how? 
Right now, I am sole person who do the reading ,but I have connections with various other readers who are wonderful and much better than me. I have launched this website but I want to revamp it in the near future and come up with a better dynamic website. For that I need help for funding my project. That is basically a plan which I will try to accomplish after 6 months from now as now it is still in the establishing phase and it needs to grow more for establishing credibility in the minds of the people.

I hope that it will lead to something bigger,seeing it from present scenario, it is one of the project which is very rare in nature and less supply with good resource always have high demand(trying to be a bit jovial on that), but yes I believe that it will lead to something better for sure if I get advice on how to expand my business from Big Start up Consultants like Mr. Amit too.It will help me create traction for my website.

What is the success story of your startup in your own words? 
Accidental Face Reading Journey which started from India and went Global!!!!

Chehraspeaks.com is a website in which face readings is offered to people on various dimensions of life-related to love life, career, their decision making, how they have transformed from the past and so on along with answering questions people have after their readings. Suggestions are also offered to bring subtle changes which can improve their life.

So how I became a face reader and how chehraspeaks started?

Accidentally, I discovered a face reader in me, I liked one girl during my school days and I usually felt shy talking to her, so I was mulling on what topic to start so that I can talk to her for long on, I was looking at her profile pic on WhatsApp and I asked if I could tell something about her seeing her face, basically it was meant for ice breaker but whatever I told she said “it was correct”.

So I sort of got happy and I thought it was a fluke, then I read many faces of her hostel’s friends to impress her with my abilities and they were also impressed with the readings given, so that is how the face reader in me was founded in the year 2012 and unofficial journey continued there on which led to launch my website in 2017 after practicing my skills immensely on my friends and colleagues.

How chehraspeaks started is also a story in itself, I was thinking of starting something of my own when I entered into IMT, Ghaziabad(MBA College) and I had this long dream of starting something related to face reading as I was doing it from the last 5 years unofficially for my friends and colleagues. But somehow, I was having restraints in my mind, then I discussed this idea from one of my friends and he told me to go ahead with it.

We were wondering what name should be taken for website and eureka moment came to him where he suggested it can start with chehra as it would be more catchy and also have an Indian flavor in it. So it boiled down to chehraspeaks.com and it founded on 18th July 2017.

How the journey went ahead and how chehraspeaks went global?
So initial days were very tough as people don’t tend to believe in this art straight away but I have one advantage with me of having a huge bunch of people on my campus on whom I exercised my Email Marketing skills which I learned from HubSpot to attract them and give them a face reading. I initially started with free face reading and the only thing I demanded was reviews on my Facebook page. Responses and love people shared for the reading was very beautiful and warming.

Nitesh Gurnani, Founder, Chehraspeaks, Face Reader & Advisor Bitwine.com

Due to excessive demand and more faces for reading every day, I decided on 25 July 2017 to monetize it from 1st August 2017 and keep a charge of INR 99 (roughly $1.5) per face read or 12 likes and a share on my Facebook page for free analysis. That was a big decision and I circulated this news via email to my friends that it will be chargeable from that day so all of you who want to get a free reading can avail services before 1 August, 2017.

One big and strange thing happened on 28 July 2017 when I was talking to one of my friends and he told me that chehraspeaks will flop if you monetize it and all your demand would be lost because Indians love free stuff and nobody will subscribe to your readings after you monetize. I took that words on my heart not as negative but as an opportunity to improve and think more of expanding my market base. I was going through a HubSpot Article and it stated that you can connect to groups on Facebook which have high audience base and I did that, connected and found a Philippino girl who looked fascinated for taking any sort of reading. I did a reading for her and it touched her deeply, she added me to all the groups of Psychic & Medium readings and that was a stepping stone for me to cater to a large audience.

The struggle was not over as now I have to establish myself as an approved international reader and check if I could read foreigners. I contacted the group admins and moderators, told them that I have a gift of reading faces, then they checked me by giving faces of people who seemed psychopaths, high on spiritual powers, some a bit diseased to me but I got them correct in my reading and then I was picked as an approved reader in that group. I also contacted another group Psychic and Medium Readings’ Moderator Anthea Murray and she approved me as an International Moderator of her group within one day of my practice reading, so on 12 August I was declared to officially charge as the paid reader and was asked to charge anywhere around $20-$30 for a reading.

I got my first paid reading on 12 August 2017 and it was also a story in itself. My Admin connected to me and asked for a mini reading and when I saw her photograph I gave her a mini read and I continued for a detailed reading telling her that I won’t take any charge even if I do a reading for you completely. I told this because I was into her face and things were coming out from her and I didn’t want to stop, so after the reading, she was highly impressed and deposited $25 in my PayPal account.

So it seems merry go lucky all the way but reading on Facebook group meant I was working on donation and I need to do advertisement for myself. Although I was leading the group of 35000 members, I was not generating the constant revenue and was thinking to expand my market base in India. One fortunate thing happened in between, an RJ from 93.5 Red FM liked my page and I thought that was the thing which I needed. I connected with him, given him a mini reading and he didn’t responded that day although he seen the message. Next day in the morning, he told me whatever you have told me is true and he enquired about various dimensions of his life afterwards. I asked him to just help expand my market by promoting my page in return of reading and he promised me for that but he didn’t responded after the reading. I connected with him afterwards but he didn’t responded and this was again a setback for me.

There were two problems which were eminent. One was how to expand my market base and other was to advertise for myself and earn constant revenue. Suddenly a thought came why not to connect with various websites and work as a psychic reader on them. I applied on various websites randomly and was faced with various tests. I got into Bitwine.com as Advisor which later I discovered was one of the world’s best website for psychic reading. They have helped me solved both of my problems. On a commission of 40%, I was given pretty good financial rewards for every face reading I did. That is how my journey is till now and one thing which I did was believed in my skills and energies even though some criticism were very strong at times which affected me but I tried seeing it as an opportunity and that is how chehraspeaks flourished and is hopefully doing well till now. Wish the love and constant support from people always towards my venture.

Any other information about your startup that you would like to share with us.
Presently I am in Dubai,but I would be coming to India in December.So if any information you want,you can exchange via my business email.I am a student of IMT Ghaziabad (DCP) and for some months, I have to study here as part of the program. I launched my website from here and would love to expand my network when I will be back to India in few months.

Thanks for your constant support and opportunity to have an interview with you. Cheers Startup Success Stories India.

Thanks Nitesh. Best of luck!

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