1mg Launches the Grandmaster Series Campaign

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Bengaluru, 11th September, 2017: 1mg, one of India’s leading online pharmacies, launched a new campaign – The Grandmaster Series – that aims to celebrate the unsung heroes in the field of medicine.

1mg logoThe campaign, created and executed by Humour Me, brings to the fore The Grandmasters i.e. the veteran medical practitioners from various disciplines of medicine, who are still practicing medicine by living up to the “Hippocratic Oath” and passionately providing service to the people.

The first video in the series features Dr. Anand, a paediatrician who continues to practice in Mumbai at the age of 83. He is best known for his book on infant and toddler care, and for his tireless promotion of the benefits of breastfeeding. He’s a strong proponent of the more natural approach to childbirth and child-rearing. His kind demeanour can make even the most die-hard formula-lovers feel comfortable under his care.

Dr. Anand strongly believes in his contribution to society, and offers his services for free to the poor, armed forces, members of the fire brigade and emergency services, and teachers.

Speaking about the Grandmaster series, Mr. Prashant Tandon, Founder, HealthKart and 1mg said, “While dealing with healthcare, a consumer today often feels helpless. He/she is losing faith in the system – the trust deficit has become significant and is a very unfortunate reality. At 1mg, we aspire to bring back faith in the institution of medicine. We believe in transparency, patient-centricity and making a person feel comfortable and secure as she deals with the healthcare system. As a part of this effort, today more than ever we need to showcase and celebrate the best of our health system – and with the GrandMaster Series, 1mg salutes the efforts of people like Dr. Anand who have selflessly worked with a single objective: the well-being of his patients!”

Mr. Dhruv Sachdeva, Founder & Chief Creative at Humour Me, said, “The brand 1mg has built itself on the foundation of winning the people’s trust. The thought behind this branding initiative was to establish 1mg as the clear thought leader and a brand that stands for a much larger vision. A vision of championing transparency and restoring faith in the institution of medicine. Our aim was to move from the transactional to a position of emotional leadership by connecting the brand 1mg to the idea that all it takes is 1 milligram of a step in the right direction to start the healing process, and what better way than to pay tribute to the grandmasters of the profession – the people who never tire or retire, and remain the true guardians of the Hippocratic Oath.”

Watch the first video in the series here:

About 1mg:
The brand 1mg has built itself on the foundation of winning the people’s trust. It aspires to be the trusted health partner for all Indians and its mission is to make healthcare accessible, understandable and affordable. It enables consumers to learn more about their medicines and also find more cost-effective substitutes. The organization believes that it takes only one milligram of a step in the right direction to start the healing process.

About Humour Me:
Humour Me is a premium content generator and an award-winning communications boutique in the realms of branded communication and entertainment. It is the first company in India that approaches brand speak as multi-format and multi-genre entertainment. They combine techniques from traditional advertising, content marketing, and storytelling to create innovative creative products. Media today is dominated by the bold, edgy and crass. Humour me aspires to create inspiring stories that connect with audiences on an emotional level.