ah! Ventures enters India’s alternative investment space; partners AIWMI & IAAIF’s upcoming 4th Annual Alternative Investments Summit India


Mumbai | December 20, 2016
ah! Ventures, one of the key players in the Indian start-up space, is taking a big stride forward in the Indian alternative investment universe by playing a key supporting partner role to India’s largest gathering of alternative investment professionals, limited partners, alternative investment funds and private wealth professionals at the upcoming 4th Annual Alternative Investments Summit India (AISI2017), scheduled at Hotel Sofitel in Mumbai on January 18th.

AISI2017 is being organized by the Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI) and Indian Association of Alternative Investment Funds (IAAIF). IAAIF is the newly formed representative and advocacy body for the Indian Alternative Investment Funds.

The summit, the most prestigious event in the domain of alternative investments, celebrates the immense growth of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). A landmark in this field of investment was achieved when the net worth of the total commitments of AIFs reached INR 50,441 crores on June 30, 2016. Imminent speakers will discuss vital opinions and build business models and open scope for forging business ties.

Promise of a Dynamic Flow of Events
Akin to the success of the preceding summits in the years 2013 to 2015, this summit promises to bring more to the table. The CEO of the Association of International Wealth Management of India, Aditya Gadge has said, “India has seen a spectacular growth in the alternative investment market. Numerous HNI Investors have been putting money into Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) for the past 3 years.”

Starting from global expertise to a perfect platform for brainstorming innovative investment ideas, the summit promises to bring a lot to the table. This is the first year ah! Ventures is participating in this Summit and as one of the major stakeholders in the Indian alternative investment space is expected to add a lot of value to the content and proceedings. CLUB ah! comprises over 200 potential investors with investment power ranging from US$100,000 to US$1 million each.

Benchmark Success for Alternate Investments
On a global scale, enormous scope is present for the increment of assets. By 2020, a spectacular increase from US$10 trillion to US$18.1 trillion has been estimated. 235 AIFs already boast of SEBI accreditation and is being endorsed by over 20 distinguished financial institutions. Although competition in this arena is expected to get tougher, there are plentiful opportunities for new market leaders. 80% of CLUB ah! members are the next-generation professionals open to innovations and new investment challenges. Harshad Lahoti, Founder & CEO of ah! Ventures commented, “There are a uncountable number of young professionals looking to establish successful entrepreneurship, and the alternate investment platform will help them more than they can imagine.” Clients seeking a network of investors need not look any further.

The Royal Platter of Keynote Speakers
The summit will be opened with a few words by Aditya Gadge. He said, “I encourage all those interested in any form of investment or trading to participate. This boom cannot be grasped without understanding the finance behind it.” Some of the keynote speakers among many, who will grace the event are Hemant G Contractor, Chairman of Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA); Srinivas Jain, Executive Director and Chairman of SBI Funds Management; Sarath K. Reddy, Managing Director and CIO of Unifi Capital and Nalin Moniz, Founder and Director of Forefront Capital (Edelweiss Group). ah! Ventures hopes to revolutionize the domain of alternative funding with the support of imminent financial institutions.

Various aspects of alternative investments, including a detailed comparison with traditional investment schemes, will be elaborated. Categories 1, 2 and 3 AIFs will be discussed by figures of authority affiliated to renowned investment planning firms such as Unifi Capital, IIFL Asset Management, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Multiples Alternate Asset Management, Premji Invest, ICICI Prudential, IFMR Capital, etc. “To be a part of such an educative event increases the success rate of any form of investment, not just the alternate ones”, says Abhijeet Kumar, co-founder of ah! Ventures. “We are excited to be partnering such an event.”

Delegate registrations are now open on the event website http://alternativeinvestmentsummit.in