As Covid-19 halts live matches, Sportskeeda evolves with Esports and marches to the top

The company unlocks 1.3 crore users becoming the leading Esports news platform in India


Mumbai | 17th June 2020: Sportskeeda, (a subsidiary of Nazara Technologies Ltd.) India’s leading sports media content platform, today rises to become the No. 1 Esports news portal in India by managing to obtain 1.3 Cr users within 2 months. The company witnessed a 70% drop in revenue when all mainstream sports were suspended with the nationwide lockdown announced in March. Sportskeeda was quick to convert the COVID adversity into an opportunity by focusing on Esports without breaking away from the core. With a 2000% hike today, the company has now emerged as the biggest Esports news destination in the country. 

Sportskeeda overall boasts of over 25 Million+ monthly users and 100 million+ annual users with a major focus in the cricket, football and wrestling space. The Esports vertical which was at 25,000 daily visitors in April recently registered an influx of 20X rising to 5,00,000 daily users making it one of their key verticals today. Sportskeeda, in the Esports category, covers PUBG, Free Fire, Fortnite, Valorant, GTA, Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare, NBA, 2K20, and Halo and is on its way to increase the coverage for more games and events. 

One of the major contributors to this humongous growth for Sportskeeda has been through ‘User – Content Mapping’. The team identified the existing content gaps and devised a plan to fulfill the same. However, the key value driver for this ‘all-organic’ growth has been producing quality content that engages the audience. With this, the company witnessed a 2000% increase in its daily traffic. Sportskeeda is now looking at doubling the traffic by next month.

Sportskeeda was quick to ride on the wave of Esports growth in the country. According to the ‘KPMG Report’, with an estimated net worth of $818 million in 2019, the Indian Esports industry was set to grow its revenue all the way up to INR 118.8 billion in 2023. According to ‘Newzoo’, globally, there were approximately 380 million Esports viewers in 2018 and is expected to surge to roughly 557 million viewers by 2021. However, India itself has more than 150 million Esports viewers.

On the accomplishment, Porush Jain, Founder, and CEO, Sportskeeda says “Quick thinking and apt decision making enabled us to harness the Esports growth opportunity successfully. Our strategic approach, innovation, and precision mingled with team-spirit is what truly fast-tracked the growth.”

Given Sportskeeda’s success in the Esports vertical, Manish Agarwal, CEO, Nazara Technologies Ltd. says, “The young team of Sportskeeda has always kept their users in mind while designing strategies which leads to their success time and again. Nazara has always had a predominant space in Esports with subsidiaries like Nodwin. With Sportskeeda entering the Esports news space we have not only widened our horizon but also established synergy within the subsidiaries.”