Betting Big on Entrepreneurial Landscape, PH BRIO Online & Retail Services Limited unveils Bornbrio

Sandeep Maurya, Founder and CEO of Bornbrio

Bangaluru, May 31, 2017: – Identifying the can of worms in the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem, PH Brio Online & Retail Services Limited, announces the launch of its brand new venture – Aimed at aiding and scaling the startup ecosystem, Bornbrio offers solutions as a marketplace to three predominant weak links, viz. funding, talent and specialized services, which hinder the growth of startups. With an objective of giving entrepreneurs the liberty of choice, it also offers plethora of various other integrated services, they can pick and choose, depending upon their requirements.

Apart from its three primary solutions, Bornbrio also facilitates Brainstorming and structuring of Ideas, syndication of Angel investments, Peer to peer consultation and Mentoring by Industry Stalwarts.

Sandeep Maurya, Founder and CEO of Bornbrio
Sandeep Maurya, Founder and CEO of Bornbrio

Elaborating on what spurred the concept, Sandeep Maurya, Founder and CEO of Bornbrio said, “While the Indian entrepreneurs and their innovations are creating ripples across the globe, post the decline in VC funding in 2015-16, the capital inflows to Indian startups have slowed down greatly. Ensued by the dip in VC funding, many startups had to either shut shops or restructure operations by reducing in-house resources. Adding to the despair are the flawed banking system, funding gaps, absence of collaboration between stake holders and most importantly the mindsets, which are more inclined towards MNCs. In view of such regressive developments witnessed, we decided to introduce a full shop solution with Bornbrio, for providing hope and countering certain major hitches in the Indian entrepreneurial landscape.”

“While India is just the beginning, ideas and innovation have no geographical boundaries and we expect to collaborate with the industry across the globe in ensuring that ideas and innovation find the resources required for success” he added.

Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Bornbrio operates under the aegis of PH BRIO Online & Retail Services Limited. This is the parent company’s second venture, after, which is an e-commerce portal that promotes enthusing and empowering lifestyle and art. Ever since the launch of the platform, Bornbrio has already claimed the status of being India’s only curated online marketplace offering funds, skills and business solutions. The brand aspires to facilitate global movement of talent and capital for innovation, shaping a mutually favorable approach. Bornbrio not only allows online campaigning for funds but also live and competitive equity and debt offers by qualified investors.

About Bornbrio
Betting Big on Entrepreneurial Landscape, PH BRIO Online & Retail Services Limited unveils BornbrioLaunched on 1st of May 2017, “” is an entrepreneurship engine created to facilitate collaboration between various stakeholders in the exciting world of ideas and innovation. Operating as the startup catalyst, it is a curated marketplace for funds, skills and business solutions for startups and SME’s. The brand aspires to disrupt the global innovation drive by building trust, blurring geographical boundaries and facilitating global movement of talent and capital into ideas and innovation. Fulfilling a void in the Angel and Venture Capital space, the online platform is the first in the world to offer live equity bids, debt placements and syndication of funds by qualified investors.

The Bangalore based company was founded by Sandeep Maurya with the help of his co-founders Renu Srivastava and Pradeep Maurya. Being nurtured under the aegis of the Parent – PH Brio Online & Retail Services Limited- Bornbrio is its second venture, meant to create an ecosystem that supports and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.