Bonphul OxyMax to feature an in-built Air Purifier

Bonphul OxyMax featurs an in-built Air Purifier

New Delhi, 7th August, 2018: In a latest development, Bonphul Air Products, the developer of OxyMax, India’s first—and the world’s second—oxygen optimizer has announced that it has integrated an air purifier to its flagship product.

Bonphul OxyMax featurs an in-built Air Purifier

So far customers used two separate devices: an air purifier to clean PM 2.5 and an oxygen optimizer to raise the level of indoor oxygen. But with Bonphul OxyMax’s new indoor unit, customers can make do with one less gadget.

Commenting on this upgrade, Bonphul CEO Prodyut Bora, said, “This is a product idea that has come from our customers. In the course of our interactions, many of our them pointed out a unique problem. While air purifiers certainly cleaned particulate matter inside a room, keeping a room closed too long causes the problem of suffocation. However, if one were to open one’s door or window to let fresh air in, along with fresh air comes dust and pollution, negating the earlier work of the air purifier. While something like Bonphul OxyMax does solve the problem of suffocation, it means the installation of one more device in the house. So couldn’t both the machines—the air purifier and the oxygen optimizer—be combined into one, we were asked. We have given them just what they wanted.”

Explaining the value proposition, Bonphul Chief Business Officer (CBO) Vikas Goel, said: “These days air purifiers come for anywhere between Rs 9000 to Rs 40000. By offering an air purifier with OxyMax, we are saving the customer that much of money. Our air purifier, which will act as the indoor unit of OxyMax, has a HEPA filter to take care of the smallest of particulate matter and an Active Carbon Filter to take care of harmful gases. With the new Bonphul OxyMax, filtered air, enriched with oxygen, is what our customers would be getting.”