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Startup in Faridabad

Gilt Mutual Funds: Is Now the Perfect Time to Invest?

Evaluate the potential of gilt mutual funds. Learn how favorable interest rates, market stability, and low expense ratios can enhance your investment portfolio with minimal risk.

Whirlpool India Launches Elegant Ice Magic Pro Glass Door Fridge Collection

Whirlpool India unveils the Ice Magic Pro Glass Door Refrigerator range, featuring unique designs and advanced cooling technology for modern kitchens.

Roadzen Executives Convert $3.5M Debt to Shares, Strengthening Company Equity

Roadzen Inc. strengthens its equity base as CEO and Chairman convert $3.5 million of short-term debt into company shares, reflecting their commitment to the company's long-term vision.

India’s First Privately Held DeepTech Hub launches in NCR with target to mobilise $100Mn

Launching in NCR, India's first private DeepTech Hub will engage with up to 10 startups initially, aiming to mobilize $100 million to fuel innovation.

How this Faridabad-based startup helps you to get rid off the body pain with comfortable mattresses

Shinysleep.com is an online platform to buy orthopedic mattresses. The products are made of memory foam, high resilience foam and knitted fabric with quilting....

With Its End-to-end Solution, This Faridabad-based Startup Enables Seamless Global Trade for Indian MSMEs

International trade is a mammoth issue and it is inadequate to solve part of the issue. Connect2India was launched in 2016 to serve the...

How This Faridabad-based Startup Backed by Amazon-SPN Programme is Helping Sellers Become Online

Amazon is dominating the e-commerce industry worldwide and surpassing all its opponents, With the Amazon SPN initiative, this entrepreneur from Faridabad is helping bridge...

India’s First Ayurvedic E-Commerce Startup Provides Online Sale of Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Here are excerpts of our conversation with Nirogam.com Founder and CEO, Puneet Aggarwal. Q. What prompted you to get into e commerce right after the...

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