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Startups in Greater Noida

Gilt Mutual Funds: Is Now the Perfect Time to Invest?

Evaluate the potential of gilt mutual funds. Learn how favorable interest rates, market stability, and low expense ratios can enhance your investment portfolio with minimal risk.

Whirlpool India Launches Elegant Ice Magic Pro Glass Door Fridge Collection

Whirlpool India unveils the Ice Magic Pro Glass Door Refrigerator range, featuring unique designs and advanced cooling technology for modern kitchens.

Roadzen Executives Convert $3.5M Debt to Shares, Strengthening Company Equity

Roadzen Inc. strengthens its equity base as CEO and Chairman convert $3.5 million of short-term debt into company shares, reflecting their commitment to the company's long-term vision.

India’s First Privately Held DeepTech Hub launches in NCR with target to mobilise $100Mn

Launching in NCR, India's first private DeepTech Hub will engage with up to 10 startups initially, aiming to mobilize $100 million to fuel innovation.

This Startup Tries to Eliminate the Discrepancy & Uncertainty in Farming Methods for Improving the Economic Condition of Farmers

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Sudhanshu Ranjan Choudhary, CEO, Khet-e. About the founders: Sudhanshu Ranjan Choudhary , CEO of Khet-e, expertise in the...

This Startup Creates a Platform for the Students to Get Whatever They Want for Their Day to Day Needs in Just Few Clicks

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Sachin Yadav, CEO, Students Stop - A startup which has created a platform for the students to get whatever...

This Startup Provides on-demand Beauty Services at Home in Convenient to Time and Place of Customers

We are publishing an interview of Ms. Kalpana Sharma, Founder & COO of BeautyGlad. Please tell us about the founders: We are two founders. Myself (Kalpana...

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