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Inflection Point Ventures Invests in Top Startups from IPV Ideaschool Accelerator Program

Top startups from IPV Ideaschool Batch 1.0 receive seed funding from Inflection Point Ventures, marking a milestone in their innovation journey.

Purplle Group Secures ₹1000 Cr Funding with ADIA Subsidiary Leading Investment

Purplle Group announces a significant ₹1000 crore investment, with ADIA's subsidiary at the forefront, marking a pivotal moment in their expansion strategy and market dominance.

Assam’s Esah Tea Launches World’s First Microplastic-Free Cotton Tea Bags

Esah Tea from Assam launches the world's first microplastic-free cotton tea bags, offering a safe and eco-friendly tea-drinking experience.

Minister for IT&DS Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan Highlights Tamil Nadu’s Strategic Plan for Deep Tech Innovation

Learn about Tamil Nadu’s roadmap for Deep Tech innovation as highlighted by Minister Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan during iTNT Day.

Iftikhar Khan – Founder, Kintree

Learn about Iftikhar Khan, a leader in the marketing industry with a creative vision, driving Anvis Digital and Assured Advertising to new heights

Gaurav Bhagat – Managing Director of Consortium Gifts

Discover the transformative journey of Mr. Gaurav Bhagat, India's esteemed "10X Guy," renowned for his pioneering ventures in sales coaching and entrepreneurship.

Vedant Bang – Director, Thomas Scott India Limited

Explore the visionary leadership of Vedant Bang, Director at Thomas Scott India Limited, shaping the landscape of menswear fashion in India with innovation and excellence.

Rajesh Singla – Founder & CEO, Planify

Rajesh Singla - An industry stalwart with a rich background in private equity and leadership roles at Amazon, Accenture, Vdopia, and Snapdeal, now steering Planify to redefine wealth and asset management.

Yash Desai, Co-Founder, ZET

Yash Desai, an upGrad alum and Stanford Continuing Studies graduate, leading the charge in bridging tech gaps in finance.

Manish Shara – Co-Founder & CEO of ZET

Manish Shara, a visionary entrepreneur and accomplished business leader, is the Co-founder and CEO of ZET, a pioneering fintech company dedicated to driving financial...

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