Digital India Mission and Schemes


Digital India Mission/campaign is launched with the motive to provide basic services through IT platform in India. When we talk about Digital India campaign then we indirectly talk about 3 core components which are:

  • Building digital infrastructure
  • Porting basic services to digital platform
  • Digital literacy

These three components are basics of Digital India campaign and are going to be covered under the entire scheme. Government has started working towards this dream and till now we have seen good growth with components like Ration Card, Passport, Jan Dhan etc.


Digital India: Brief History and other points
Digital India was launched on 2nd July 2015 by honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. It was launched with the vision of providing high speed internet facilities in rural areas and to connect them with the digital race. Things are their way and till now we are doing good in terms of digital literacy.

BBNL (Bharat Broadband Network Limited) is working hard towards D-India. They have tied up with United Telecoms Limited to connect around 2,50,000 with high speed internet connection through optical fiber medium.

As per the 2016’s budget, Digital Literacy will cover over 6 crore rural household and will connect 550 farmer markets through internet.

Services under Digital India Campaign
Below are the services that are launched under Digital India Campaign:
You can share your points, views, suggestions directly to government officials through platform. It works on “Discuss”, “Do” and “Disseminate” approach model. All you need to do is to register your account and start sharing your views that can literally affect decisions.

With DigiLocker you can store all your confidential details safely with online systems. With DigiLocker you don’t need to carry your certificates along all the time, simply upload them once and use them wherever required. You can store details like education certificaes, PAN card, Passport, Voter, Aadhar Cards etc inside your DigiLocker account.

It is a very secure medium and you can put your confidential details without any hesitation here (it will use Aadhar verification mechanism).
In order to keep real time record of government employees, is launched that tracks real time attendance of government employees. It can help with extracting reports related to time spent by any government employee within the premises. It will be a useful application in future for sure.

e Sign
It will help with online signatures. Simply upload your signature once and use it digitally wherever applicable. It will too be integrated with Aadhar Card

There are many other useful apps that you can find on the official digital India page.

Any impact on existing services??
Digital India has affected many other verticals of IT services in India. It has majorly impacted the processes related to Aadhar Card, LPG, Banks, Passport and Ration Card.

You can now connect your LPG, Bank Accounts to Aadhar Card which in turn will help you avail LPG subsidy directly into the bank account. In terms of Ration Card then state governments are doing really appreciable work here. They have integrated almost every offline service to online platforms. Checking Ration Card Status Online, required documents, time frames etc are easily accessible now.

So yes, Digital India is affecting people and hopefully we will very soon achieve the real mission of D-India campaign.

An article by:
Narender Sharma, Solan, Himachal Pradesh