Ecobillz expands its outreach of Customers by integrating with Shiji Group products


Belagavi, Karnataka, 12th December 2022- Ecobillz, a B2B digitization SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide digital operations and back office automation in hospitality business has joined hands with the tech giant Shiji Group. Shiji Group is a global technology aggregator that integrates hospitality, retail, entertainment, and F&B businesses through innovative solutions.

Ecobillz offers to integrate its environment friendly paperless digital solutions with Shiji Group’s application platform that serves around 91,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants and 600,000 stores worldwide.

Speaking about the market access understanding, Nitesh Singh Rathore, Founder & CMO, Ecobillz said, “Technology driven hospitality business that will make processes smooth and consumer friendly is a common vision shared by both Ecobillz and Shiji Group. We are happy to integrate our solutions into Shiji platform. Not only we will have more market access but more customers using our solutions will take benefit of a combined offering and help us to refine our products as well.”

Shiji Group, in expansion mode is poised to take advantage of its established core information system in hotel, catering, and retail industries to extend and connect vertically and horizontally, to further integrate solutions for business needs and in the process is ready to invest in new hotel-related data technology products. For them Ecobillz is one of the perfect partners as it is offering SaaS (Software as a service) product, connects with the existing systems of the clients, towards creating a paper-free and automates backend operations.

 As Rathore explained, “It is a win-win partnership between the two companies. Shiji Group is big with thousands of customers whose experience will help us to penetrate deeper into the hospitality ecosystem globally and customers experience and demand will help us to refine the products. For Shiji, they will have access to all our tech products and solutions, which they can offer to hotels and restaurants alike. We hope to learn and grow through this matchmaking.”

Designed to be least intrusive of technologies that can be installed as a plug-n-play digitization module requiring no change in existing PMS/POS, Ecobillz solutions can be integrated within the existing system for being implemented immediately. As the platform magically works with any PMS and POS software without requiring any tight integration, its implementation cost is also affordable to Hotel businesses.

Ecobillz has the power to collate and aggregate signed invoices, receipts, reports at one click of the device and coordinate with multiple devices to update the system with high accuracy. The solution enables world-class automation for every document used in the business – right from income audit, approval workflows, reconciliation and account receivables to improve operational efficiency and gain huge time and cost benefits. In the process it has the capacity to generate and empower the management with in-depth visibility of the business in real-time.