Healthcare experts launch Proactive Health360- A Next Generation Health-Tech Platform

Take charge of your health with the latest health tech platform- Proactive Health360, particularly designed to put individuals in control of their health


30th January 2020: Preventive Healthcare is the need of the hour. Preventive healthcare means avoiding illness and mitigating any associated risk factors to reduce disease burden and resulting complications. In India, a disappointing 9.6% of the overall healthcare expenditure goes towards preventive healthcare, and about 90% goes into treating diseases and their complications—amounting to more than Rs 3.6 lakh crore per year.

Proactive Health360 is a next generation Health-Tech platform designed to put individuals in control of their own health. Many chronic conditions are silent and cause no symptoms in the beginning. As a result, we can go years without even knowing about them. 

The Proactive Health360 platform was carefully designed by Dr. Amit Newatia, MD, so that patients can be empowered to reverse the downward spiral of poor health outcomes resulting from neglect. Dr. Newatia is a practicing physician in the U.S. who specializes in the field of Radiology and has long been an advocate of preventative healthcare. He founded this venture because he has witnessed first hand the devastating and avoidable complications resulting from chronic conditions. He partnered with Dr. Aditi Kalra to develop the Proactive Health360 platform and bring this concept to the Indian public. Dr. Aditi is a certified physiotherapist and wellness consultant who has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

The primary goal of is to encourage patients to become advocates of their own health. This is done by empowering patients with information that is easy for them to visualize and understand. The Proactive health dashboard gives the individual complete control over every aspect of their health. It also serves to educate individuals on their current health conditions and predicts their risks of developing many chronic common conditions.

In addition to these risk scores, individuals receive a PH Score which is a comprehensive health score generated using an advanced algorithm comprising a number of different factors. The PH Score changes over time with the health data and is a powerful way to track overall health progress. Unlike other platforms that provide one time testing or consultation, Proactive Health360 stays with patients throughout their health journey by providing valuable health and nutrition coaching along the way. It is easier for someone to make healthy lifestyle decisions and enjoy a better quality of life when they have curated information and proper guidance about their overall health.