iB Hubs is Shaping the Future of Student Entrepreneurs, the Engines of Next-generation Innovation

“Be a learner. Leverage the Collective Intelligence. And, get things done” – the mantra that every student entrepreneur follows at iB Hubs Startup School, a specially designed 4-week accelerator program that charges zero fees and zero equity.

Within one week of commencement, startups were exposed to industry leaders, entrepreneurs and some of them even started getting customers. Quite an achievement in such a short span of time!

The ongoing sessions provided guidance on helping startups shape their ideas into realizable goals. Instead of only creating solutions, they were being taught and made realized to build it with customer perspective in mind.

iB Hubs is Shaping the Future of Student Entrepreneurs, the Engines of Next-generation Innovation

The first week at iB Hubs Startup School kickstarted with a session on “Vision Setting for Startup Founders” by Neerad Kumar, alumnus of IIT Madras and Director of iBuild Innovations. The session gave one-on-one mentoring on developing the right entrepreneurial attitude for their vision. The session helped startups in prioritizing and focusing on their competencies. And the activities that followed helped them to crystallize their vision and see where their startup will be in the next 3-5 years.

The Future Startup Leaders Meet at iB Hubs
The open hall events organized for hyderabad cohorts led to culmination of new ideas. It paved a way for peer learning among founders and took collective intelligence on a whole new level.

Startup Lessons from the Masters Themselves
In addition to one-on-one mentoring by professionals, the program initiated “Get to Meet” where the student entrepreneurs can meet, interact, and gain insights from successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

This week they had a guest talk with Rukmaji Ramanujan, Chairman of “India CEO Network”, on “How to transform ideas into businesses, and how successful entrepreneurs thrive beyond odds!”

iB Hubs is Shaping the Future of Student Entrepreneurs, the Engines of Next-generation Innovation

The young founders gained valuable insights in “Ask Me Anything” session with Mr. Raj Parakh, Co-founder and CMO, Fabulyst, on “Transforming from an engineer to an entrepreneur”.

And, the founders of “Make the World Wonderful”, four teenage girls who proved that age doesn’t matter to be entrepreneurs, shared about their journey with the student entrepreneurs. They have been running a successful NGO with the aim to create harmony in the world. The cause of harmony to make the world a better place has really stimulated the young minds.

iB Hubs is Shaping the Future of Student Entrepreneurs, the Engines of Next-generation Innovation - 1

Lessons to Build a Great New Company: Creating “Business Model Canvasses”
Anuj Singhvi, an Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, trained the young founders on creating fail proof Business Model Canvases, distinguishing different market segments, and how to conduct robust Market Research, and equipped them to make smart moves in their startup journeys.

With a whole lot of startup activities, the coming weeks at iB Hubs Startup School is going to re-energize and direct the young founders.

Let’s wish these student entrepreneurs all-the-best in their pursuit of startup wisdom and hope become trendsetters/role models in their communities!!

To know more about iB Hubs Startup School, visit: http://ibhubs.co/startupschool/

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