India-USA based company 75F signs SP Group as its commercial partner for Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia

75F expands business operations to Singapore; Introduces IoT-powered Building Intelligence & Energy Efficiency Solution in South East Asian market


Bangalore India | 18th December 2019: 75F, a global market leader in building automation & Energy Efficiency for commercial buildings has recently expanded its operations to Singapore. This is the third location for 75F with offices currently in the US and India. 75F Singapore Pte Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of 75F India and will offer the company’s award-winning solutions to the Southeast Asian market.

75F completed an $18M Series A round of financing early September co-led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures a non-profit backed by the likes of Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos and Climate Initiative with participation from Building Ventures, Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, and Clean Energy Trust, making it the largest investment to date in the energy-efficiency technology category in the Asia Pacific region.

75F’s foray into the Singapore market follows its commercial agreement with SP Group , a leading energy utilities group in the Asia Pacific. 75F partnered with SP to customise 75F’s Smart Building solution for Singapore’s tropical environment. The solution was trialled at select areas in Singapore; Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) campus at Dover and Mercatus Co-operative Limited’s office premises at One Marina Boulevard in Raffles Place. Both locations achieved more than 30 per cent in energy savings while improving comfort for occupants by ensuring that the indoor temperature, lighting and air quality were always optimal.

With the validation in energy savings, 75F and SP have entered into an arrangement to commercially offer the solution in Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia. SP’s partnership with 75F first started as part of SP’s Energy Advanced Research and Development (SPEAR) programme, under the SP Centre of Excellence (SP CoE). SP CoE is an initiative supported by the Economic Development Board (EDB) and[TBSM1]  drives the research, development, and integration of cutting-edge solutions and next-generation technologies for Singapore’s energy infrastructure network.

Gaurav Burman, APAC President, 75F said: “Both 75F and SP are committed to saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of commercial buildings, making this partnership a strong, strategic fit. The Asia Pacific market, especially Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia represent a huge opportunity given their economic growth, rising energy costs and the growing focus on superior occupant experience and better operational efficiency. This partnership combines 75F’s award-winning technology with SP’s capabilities and track record in the region, allowing both companies to accelerate our growth.”

Mr Brandon Chia, Head, Centre of Excellence, SP Group said: “SP Group has partnered 75F on this micro-climate control solution that leverages A.I. and IoT. It enables customers to enjoy cooler comfort in buildings while lowering their carbon footprint. We look forward to developing more next-generation technologies to help customers in Singapore and the region in save energy and cost.”

 “This is a major milestone for 75F, and we are all geared up for our expansion to Singapore. The Asian market holds a lot of potential for us with the commercial building segment growing at a CAGR of 4.7% and Singapore will be our gateway into this market. As a company we are dedicated to discovering new solutions to old problems and at the same time are passionate about exploring new and innovative technologies. We are excited about the collaboration with SP Group and are looking forward to capturing the high-growth Asia-Pacific markets with them.” – adds Mr Deepinder Singh, Founder & CEO, 75F.

Leveraging IoT and Applied AI, 75F helps buildings sense, learn and work smarter to deliver OE2 i.e. Optimal Experience (OE) x Operational Efficiency (OE). The system not only monitors the HVAC and Lighting systems in a commercial building but also proactively controls them based-on data collected from smart sensors, weather forecasts, set points, occupant preferences, etc. The self-optimizing, predictive system learns a building’s behaviour and proactively determines the ideal thermal and lighting envelope for the building thereby keeping occupants comfortable, productive and healthy at all times.  
75F’s system improves energy efficiency, optimizes comfort, and provides insights into how a commercial building uses its energy.

According to Navigant Research, there is vast potential for building energy efficiency solution providers in APAC. The energy-efficient buildings market revenue in this region is expected to grow from $65.3 billion in 2017 to $111.3 billion in 2026. At the same time, APAC is also the most flourishing market for BAS owing to government initiatives and rapid growth in the construction industry. The revenue in commercial building automation in APAC is forecasted to grow to over $5 billion in 2022, witnessing a compound annual growth rate CAGR growth of 4.7 per cent from 2017 to 2022.