India’s First Ever Voice Enabled ​​Smart Watch App ​available on Apple Watch

India’s first ever voice enabled ​​smart watch app ​available on Apple Watch

Moneycontrol launches India’s first smartwatch application to have voice search for stocks enabled on the Apple watch. India’s No. 1 leading financial platform has extended its presence across a new platform while enabling users ease-of-access to data on-the-go. Open Moneycontrol on you watch, tap on the voice button, and say the name of your favourite stock and you get all the relevant information right on your watch. Moneycontrol as a platform, has constantly invested in being at the cutting edge of technology in order to ensure best in class experience for the users.

India’s first ever voice enabled ​​smart watch app ​available on Apple WatchSpeaking about the endeavor, Manish Maheshwari, the CEO for Network18 Digital, “Markets are quick, fast and on the go and through this foray into smartwatch apps, Moneycontrol is ensuring that’s exactly how it stays for its users.”

“We are at the cutting edge of technology and our constant efforts are aimed at remaining relevant and top of the mind for our users”, said Rajat Nigam, group CTO of Network18.

“Besides these traditional channels, moneycontrol leads Network18 Digital’s emphasis on accessibility, with the MC app now available on iOS smartwatches, soon to launch on Android. This app boasts a unique functionality with which, a user can speak to his watch and get a stock quote immediately. The enabling of voice on the Apple smartwatch is our first step into the IOT space. We are launching the Android version in the next few weeks and working on some interesting voice enabled products from the network for platforms. With a simple tap, the users can get a snapshot of the indices, or their favourite derivative, or the latest NAV of the mutual funds they were tracking. Our customers can now access content across devices, at the tap of their fingers.” Network 18 Digital CPO, Avinash Mudaliar said.

More than 18yrs since launch, Moneycontrol continues to be the top digital portal for financial news and information, with more than 17mn+ users across its platforms. “Moneycontrol has endeavored to remain relevant to its users by constantly innovating and adding features, and our product team has a number of plans lined up in the coming months”, said Gautam Shelar, Business Head for Moneycontrol.

The app is currently available only on iOS-based smartwatches and will be launched soon for Android-based smartwatches. Apple users can download the app from here