This initiative conducts interviews of 50 business women to motivate the blooming women entrepreneurs

This initiative conducts interviews of 50 business women to motivate the blooming women entrepreneurs

StartupKafe is taking an initiative called WomenWave for women entrepreneurs.

After the start of Startup India crusade on 16 January 2016, the startup community in India has been getting the genuinely necessary help. The crusade was initially declared by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 15 August 2015. As per his drive, 75 startup bolster centers have been made to add to the development of the new companies in India.

This initiative conducts interviews of 50 business women to motivate the blooming women entrepreneurs

StartupKafe is an emblem to sprouting business people and it urges new businesses to visit the site and discover the data that they have been searching for. WomenWave is an initiative of StartupKafe. Entrepreneurship by women is quickly developing and is likely realized that the quantity of women business visionaries will be much higher than the male business visionaries. A few women business tycoons have a great set of characteristics that make them move towards achievement.

WomenWave is a desire for specialists which assists by outfitting them with versatile information about the contemporary entrepreneurial market furthermore by demonstrating to them how things are done. Entrepreneurial stories along with interviews and educational online diaries are our technique for helping the new business women. Our tries, whether through our incubation facility for representatives, our gathering engagement practices for fledgling business visionaries or our immersive experiences for growing energetic pioneers, are all intentionally planned to underscore the essential necessity for financial reinforcing to be a democratized street for any individual who picks it.

StartupKafe under its WomenWave initiative is conducting interviews of 50 business women in 50 days to motivate the blooming women entrepreneurs. The event that we are undertaking will be held across India. Also, they will be providing free mentorship to women entrepreneurs. While we see and relentlessly work to change the money related and social irregular characteristics defied by women business visionaries, we moreover stand firm in our conviction that being a woman and a business visionary can ordinarily exist together.

We trust that underestimations in light of sex must be minimized, with the objective for capacity to be supported. The target of WomenWave is to empower 1000 business businesspeople before the end of 2018 to begin working with space authorities and change accessories by making convincing methods, techniques, and candidly steady systems.

“A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts, and if she is given a chance to rise, she will touch great heights,” says Nikita Vira, the founder of women wave initiative.

Vedant Goel, the Founder of StartUp Kafe is of the opinion that enterprise is frequently confounding and tedious. In the wake of working with a few new companies, we chose to fashion a relationship with women, permitting new businesses to dispatch their business with the learning and certainty they require to make progress. We will be upbeat to help a startup, offering direction and advices along with any other help that they may require. Visit for more details.