Learnbay: An Edtech Start-up to Help Working Professionals in Domain Specialization for Transforming Their Career

The Startup plans to upskill 30k+ professionals in 2023

Learnbay enables aspiring working professionals in tech to unlock their potential
Learnbay enables aspiring working professionals in tech to unlock their potential

It is widely believed that those without a technical background cannot effectively work in the Information Technology (IT) sector. This assumption is false and limiting, as many non-technical roles within the IT sector do not require a technical background. Instead, these roles focus on the execution of business or organizational goals through the use of IT systems. 

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For example, individuals with backgrounds in sales, marketing, finance, and organizational management may succeed in roles within the IT sector, such as business analysis, project management, and system administration.

Thus, while technical knowledge is undoubtedly a valuable asset within the IT sector, it is optional for specific roles. 

Therefore, regardless of one’s background, there is potential for success in the IT sector. Learnbay was founded to address the needs of working professionals seeking career growth, security, and satisfaction. In this article, we’ll look at everything you wanted to know about LearnBay, its founders, how it started, their journey etc.

Krishna Kumar – Founder and CEO, Learnbay

How it all started?

Mr. Krishna Kumar founded the company in November 2015 alongside Mrs. Nisha Kumari and Mr. Abhishek Gupta as co-founders. Their mission is to provide comprehensive career guidance and support to professionals seeking successful and forward-thinking career transitions.

LearnBay was started to provide working individuals with access to the in-demand skills needed to pursue successful and growing careers. It is essential to ensure that all professional courses remain in line with the shifting nature of the industry. 

Nisha Kumari, Cofounder, Learnbay

While conceptual understanding is necessary, practical competency and insight are of higher priority. To address this need, we introduced Project Innovation Labs.

Our commitment to quality and consistency has enabled us to make a successful shift towards offering a specialized course in data science. Since then, we have consistently maintained our high educational standards, showing no signs of slowing down.

Obstacles Faced During Their Long Journey

As an entrepreneur, obstacles are to be expected on the journey. Success, however, is often built upon failures. Fortunately for Krishna Kumar, his industry experience allowed him to handle any difficulties he encountered confidently.

Abhishek Gupta – Cofounder, Learnbay

What are the courses offered in LearnBay?

They offer a range of tailored training courses in the latest Data Science, Full Stack Development and DSA technologies. Explore various options to expand your skillset and stay up-to-date with the most cutting-edge advancements.

Courses Offered:

 Data Science and AI

  • Data Science Foundation Program
  • Advanced AI and ML for Tech professionals
  • Advanced AI & ML Program For Tech Professionals
  • Data Science and AI Master Program
  • Data Science and AI for Managers & Leaders
  • Business Analytics Program
  • Data Analytic program

 Full stack Development and system design

  • Full Stack Web Development Program
  • Full Stack Software Development Program
  • DSA & System Design

USP For Success

By leveraging the expertise of Data Science, learning Full Stack Development, and completing a Data Structures and Algorithms program, LearnBay’s founder Krishna Kumar says that he is confident that he can achieve his professional goals.

At LearnBay, they assist candidates looking to enhance their skills through challenging industry-based live projects and capstones. Live interactive classes, facilitated by experienced MAANG experts, and peer-to-peer discussions provide students with a university-level learning experience in the comfort of their own homes. We are committed to providing an effective learning environment for professionals.

Learnbay introduced a hybrid learning mode to make learning easier for students, allowing them to take live online classes while completing the capstone project offline at a Learnbay-approved learning center. Its learning centers are located in major cities across India, such as Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai.

At LearnBay, they offer specialized career counselling led by experienced professionals. This allows learners to determine which data science career path best suits their educational background and professional qualifications.

LearnBay – Future Plans

At Learnbay, we aim to empower working individuals to make meaningful strides in their professional lives. Over the next six months, we strive to assist our students in pushing beyond the status quo of their current careers and drive tremendous advancement in their career paths.

As we continue to expand, we plan to introduce additional courses and features to assist learners and professionals in developing their IT skills. These resources are intended to provide comprehensive coverage of multiple technology-related fields.

At Learnbay, we are firm believers in providing sufficient skilling opportunities to fuel India’s growth. We are dedicated to working with the ecosystem to create a robust training system for upcoming skills necessary for successful businesses.

Learnbay aims to contribute to India’s “Skills India” mission, allowing students to develop meaningful careers through engagements that form part of a more extensive roadmap.