Logicserve Digital Gears up for the Next Phase of Growth with a New Transformational Identity

Logicserve Digital Gears up for the Next Phase of Growth with a New Transformational Identity
Logicserve Digital Gears up for the Next Phase of Growth with a New Transformational Identity

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 11th November 2019: Logicserve Digital, a digital marketing company and the Indian arm of Logicserve Group, has announced the launch of a new logo for the company today to mark the milestone year, 2019 when the company is witnessing exponential growth. The company will start using the new branding within all it’s internal as well as external communications with stakeholders over the coming weeks. Here’s a look at the new transformational identity of the company which is in sync with the ever-changing nature of the industry.

The overall logo reflects the three key character traits of the company: curiosity, adaptability and intelligence; which are indispensable to thrive and lead in the dynamic world.

The circle at the bottom is similar to the anchor seen in a question mark or exclamation and symbolises curiosity that is the genesis of any change or transformation. The fluid shape showcases adaptability highlighting the company’s ability to change and evolve. The mnemonic that looks like a profile view of a brain, symbolises intelligence and thought leadership.

Multi-specialisation is the need of the hour and varied skill sets are required to design a solution for the challenges faced by today’s world. Here, the company represents its core capabilities – Media, Creative, Data & Insights, and Technology; as distinct from one another through different colours and shapes. The core capabilities are ever changing and evolving, which is why the shapes are fluid and transient in nature. These core capabilities are interdependent and when brought together embodies what they offer to the world – an integrated solution.

Talking about the new identity, Prasad Shejale, CEO & Founder, Logicserve Digital, shares, “One must be curious, adaptive, and intelligent to move with the disruptive times – change, transform and evolve with it. The new company logo is reflective of our new identity encapsulating these qualities. Over the years, these qualities have helped us achieve a rapid growth trajectory and provided us with a head start to embark on the next phase of growth. The overall move reflects the need for us to have a new narrative and logo that reflects our evolution as an integrated digital solutions company.

Logicserve Digital continues to advance its growth footprint by being an Independent ‘360-degree digital marketing agency’ providing integrated solutions. The company has won over 100 awards in the past two years for the successful implementation of digital marketing solutions focused on a customer-centric and tailor-made strategy that yields a win-win situation for both brands and consumers. It was recognised as ‘Performance Agency of the Year’ at Digixx 2019 and ‘Performance Marketing Agency of the Year’ at AgencyCon 2019. With a strong team of 320+ digital marketing experts and having serviced over 300 happy clients across various sectors, the company is poised to embark on its next phase of growth by adorning a new identity.

Further commenting on the journey of the company, Prasad says, “In 2012 when we shifted our focus to the Indian market, we realised the growth potential and decided to pivot to specific digital marketing services. Our ability to be a ‘Digital trend-catcher’ has benefitted us a lot in terms of strengthening our relationship with clients and their consumers through innovative and data-driven digital campaigns. From 122 employees in 2016 with one office we have grown to a strong team of over 320 employees with three offices in India. We delivered 102% CAGR over the last five years and continue to be on a rapid growth trajectory. In the next three years, we aim to achieve four times the average growth of the Indian digital marketing industry. Also, we have kickstarted our international operations and our new leadership team is all geared up to achieve the next phase of growth. Achievement of these significant milestones has made 2019 a wonderful year for us so far and I would like to thank our clients, partners and team members for bestowing us with their trust for a long-lasting partnership.