mFilterIt Joins ANA Trust Consortium Reinforcing a Global Commitment to Restore Trust between Marketers and Global Digital Supply Chain

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Gurugram | New Delhi, Delhi, India, 1st October, 2019: The fastest growing ad-fraud and brand safety company in the world, mFilterIt has joined the ANA Trust Consortium. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) is the United States advertiser trade association founded in 1910, having more than 1,850 companies as its members owning 20,000 brands which collectively spend over US$400 billion in marketing and advertising.

The ANA Trust Consortium is an alliance among ANA members and their partners that will be a voice for brands on transparency, measurement, auditing, digital fraud, and brand safety through ongoing reporting and analysis.

As part of its brief, the ANA Trust Consortium will create white papers on best practices and key issues, FAQs, templates, and industry standards for marketers, agencies, and suppliers. The worldwide concern about Trust and Transparency was brought into sharp focus with the release of the K-2 investigative report, by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in the US in June, 2016. The K-2 Report, identified wide-spread non-transparent trading & profit-taking at the expense of unsuspecting advertisers. A recent study by ANA concludes that only 29% of the respondents were satisfied with the level of trust amongst marketers and advertising agencies. The remaining respondents felt it either moderate or low.

Amit Relan, Director and Co-founder, mFilterIt, on this announcement said, “Our focussed resolve to work towards enabling a Trustworthy and Transparent digital marketing ecosystem has been reinforced with this association. It is a proud moment for mFilterIt to be in this prestigious forum which has global impact in its endeavours.”

Dhiraj Gupta, CTO and Co-founder, mFilterIt added, “The maturity and comprehensiveness of our solutions integrated with advanced analytics capabilities places us in a sweet spot to drive the agenda of the Trust Consortium. We are humbled to contribute globally in creating standards as well as the knowledge repository.”

mFilterIt will contribute in setting up standards, developing solutions, offering analytics as well as in creating knowledge repository by way of whitepapers, case studies and other instruments.

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