Omics Founder Dr. Srinubabu Honoured with Business Excellence Award


Hyderabad, India, February 13, 2018: Pioneer of Open Access Scientific Journal, Founder CEO of OMICS International Dr. Srinubabu was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Business Excellence Award at the second annual HMTV Business Excellence Awards.

Dr. Srinubabu Gedela born in a humble farmer family from Allena, a village of roughly 2,000 people bought a domain name for 200 rupees, recruited a few colleagues in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam to make a website, and began building his company during his pursuit of Phd from Andhra University to solve the biggest challenge he faced during his education to get access to research materials, journals for which he had to travel long distance from his village to libraries and research institutes in Hyderabad.

Omics has since grown into one of the largest open access scientific journal with premise to offer free scientific knowledge to millions of less advantaged students, scholars, universities and researchers. Today it has 1,000 open-access journal titles that post 50,000 articles annually in fields including medicine, technology, and engineering.

OMICS have also built a strong conference division that conducted more that 3,000 events worldwide. In Hyderabad, Omics’s headquarters are spread over 250,000 square feet. Today it is among the fastest growing company with 2 offices in Hyderabad and 2 new facilities coming up in Chennai and Gurgaon.

The objective of HMTV Business Excellence Awards is to encourage efforts put in by entrepreneurs in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and entrepreneurs who play a vital role in job creation. OMICS International located at the Divyashree SEZ in Hyderabad employs 3000 employees of which majority are woman.

Dr. Srinubabu who also owns a private school for 3,500 students and has generously donated money to build canals in his home town thanked the jury for recognising his entrepreneurial dream. He said he dedicates this award to his OMICS family , friends and all of those who have been a strong pillar of support to him ever since he began his entrepreneurship journey.