P&G Startup Challenge to Be Hosted in Association With Kraftshala – To Empower Innovations & Startups via a Couple of Business Challenges Across Multiple Sectors

P&G Startup Challenge is an amazing platform for startups to get an opportunity to collaborate with P&G, one of the world’s largest FMCG companies. The program, conceptualized by P&G and being run by Kraftshala, aims to provide a unique set of high level business challenges that require innovative tech-enabled solutions which work at the scale of the P&G’s vast sales & marketing network.

P&G Startup Challenge to Be Hosted in Association With Kraftshala - To Empower Innovations & Startups via a Couple of Business Challenges Across Multiple Sectors

P&G believes that collaboration accelerates innovation, and the biggest business wins come from working together. The P&G Startup Challenge has 2 very interesting problem statements:

How do we leverage disruptive technology solutions to explode distribution for P&G brands?
India has a complex and fragmented traditional store landscape which makes it challenging to drive effective distribution. Technology enabled solutions can transform current distribution models in various ways. Some examples are – minimizing retailer dependency on sellers, improving availability or automated replenishments, improving retailer coverage via e-payments, and driving up retailer pull via mobile based CRM programs. We are looking for these and other disruptive tech-enabled solutions which can help explode distribution for P&G brands.

How do we create a seamless shopping experience to drive conversion in an omni-channel (Online or Offline) environment?
More and more consumers are going online via smartphones, while they continue to purchase their daily and monthly needs in an offline world. In this always-on environment, we also have more data on what consumers need and when they need it, what media they look at, what products they have used in the past and where they mostly shop. The online shopping experience offers the benefits of superior assortment, convenience and consumer reviews, whereas the offline environment provides the advantage of touch and feel. We are looking for disruptive tech-enabled solutions which can create a seamless shopping experience for consumers by leveraging the unique capabilities and data from the online and offline world to drive higher conversion for P&G brands.

The first problem calls for improving the last mile distribution of P&G brands, while the second problem calls for creating a seamless shopping experience for consumers across online & offline channels.

To participate in P&G’s Startup Challenge, startups are required to submit a proposal that outlines a solution for any one of the given challenges, and shortlisted candidates will get to present a working model or proof of concept in front of a jury comprising P&G India Leadership Team members. The startup also needs to plan how they can potentially pilot the solution in the simplest possible way, what results or benefits can be expected to solve the business challenge, and what support would be needed.

The winner(s) would get a chance to collaborate with P&G mentors to scale their proposed solution, if it turns out to be feasible!

You can register now and grab this amazing opportunity to collaborate with P&G.

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