This Revolutionary Indian Brand “VERSATYL” is a Major Innovation in Jackets!

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Saneen Javali, Founder of the Revolutionary Brand VERSATYL
Saneen Javali, Founder of the Revolutionary Brand VERSATYL

Since the quantum leap in the development of e-commerce stores, people always stay updated with the rapidly changing fashion trends. Their craze for fashion outfits is magnified when they gained access to a variety of fashion products from their mobile phone itself. Most of the people fall for the over-priced outfits just for the name of the brand. It’s time people realized that the brand name is not the key to uniqueness and started looking for features in their outfits just like they do while buying a mobile phone or a laptop. The money you spend on outfits will be worth it only if it is useful to you in any sort apart from being just a branded costume. Getting straight to the point, this is the accomplishment of Saneen Javali, founder of the revolutionary brand VERSATYL.

Opening door to innovation
Saneen Javali, the Ex-IBM engineer who wanted to integrate fashion outfits and innovation came up with a revolutionary multi-utility jacket succeeding in his dream of manufacturing a unique costume with lots of amazing features. He started a garment manufacturing company called Emirate Fashions Pvt Ltd back in 2010 and manufactured jackets for many reputed brands all over the world. That was the start of his career in the garment industry. Gaining a sublime knowledge in garment manufacturing, he wanted to do something unique. He planned to design a jacket that would revolutionize the garment industry with its stunning features at an affordable price. In November 2016, his first VERSATYL jacket hit the market claiming to be the World’s 1st Multi Utility Travel Jacket with 18 pockets & 29 Feature opening door to innovation in the modern outfits.
Proceeding with innovation

When Saneen Javali realized his dream through his first breakthrough product, he craved for more innovation and idea to implement in his upcoming jacket. His first jacket being a grand success fueled his creativity more and pushed him towards coming up with yet another unique jacket with more features. His second product was launched a few months later and it is the World’s 1st 100% Waterproof Bomber Jacket with 20 Pockets & 32 Features making him gleam with pride. Then followed the most advanced one that was launched recently with a new product name called FEATHER. It bears the record of being the World’s Lightest Multi Utility Jacket which weighs just 179 grams and recognized by the for its amazing features. He is yet to introduce more innovation in garments as he is progressing with a broad vision.

Fueling the dream with crowdfunding
Saneen Javali preferred crowdfunding to solidify his creative idea. He raised a huge sum of money for his jackets through the leading crowdfunding platform called His campaign in Fueladream is a roaring success with around 4000 jackets preordered and raising a seven-figure sum of over six million rupees within seven months. There is no wonder he is working on his fourth revolutionary product.

This Revolutionary Indian Brand VERSATYL is a Major Innovation in Jackets!

Affordability is the key
One of the main reasons for the VERSATYLE’s reputation is its inexpensiveness. It has all the elements to make people go crazy and the fact that it is being affordable is just the added charm. When people have to spend more than 2k in buying a quality jacket, Saneen Javali prices his FEATHER for just 999 INR. The price is further reduced to 549/- on the crowdfunding platform They have got their own manufacturing company in Bangalore and that is the main reason behind their products’ affordability. That’s why the VERSATYL is capable of reaching every person out there who prefers buying on budget. Winning the hearts with zero competition.  These Jackets are now available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Travel Features of Revolutionary Indian Brand VERSATYL

Saneen Javali boasts over the fact that they have got no competition for their products even though it has survived the market for over 8 months until now. Being the only one in the market, their responsibilities are high and they work their fingers to the bones toward their fourth revolutionary jacket which would claim to be the World’s 1st Multi Utility Jacket with Air cooling.

Feather Model-and-pouch

His brand has garnered a lot of recognition worldwide from major newspapers, Magazines, and blogs. They include The Times business, The Hindu, The New India Express, CNBC (Video), Daily Hunt, Entrepreneur magazine, Magazine, Ritz Magazine, Asianet newsable, India Gazette, IndiaFashionBlogger and so on.
People who deserve the credits

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Saneen Javali has the best team that supported him all through his journey and could be pointed out as a major reason behind his success.
1. Shahidullah Khan – Digital Marketing Head
2. John Kumar – Business Development Head
3. Syed Shoaib Ahmed – Online Operations

A message to fellow entrepreneurs “Nothing can be achieved until you have a Vision, take risk and work hard towards your Goals and sooner or later success is bound to come”.

Saneen Javali could be a perfect inspiration to thousands out there who are looking to achieve something with their unique ideas. His products might soon hit the global market breaking all barriers spreading the power of innovation.