Sid’s Farm: Trailblazes on the milky path from Hyderabad to Bengaluru

Kishore Indukuri - Founder, Sid’s Farm Private Limited

Bengaluru 12 December 2022: Sid’s Farm, a premium D2C dairy brand based in Telangana, today announced its launch in Bengaluru and availability of its products on leading e-commerce sites such as Milk Basket, Big Basket, Zepto, SuprDaily and Fresh to Home. Bengaluru with a population of 8cr+ which is third highest in India (25% urban, > 50% migrated) and the fourth largest in terms of GDP is a natural augmentation choice for the brand in a consumer driven city. The city has humongous potential due to the ever growing need for superior quality dairy and increased appetite for premium. Sid’s Farm offers consumers the unprecedented opportunity to choose one of the best available brands in this regard. Initially the products will be available only through e-commerce sites, serving milk & regular use dairy products like paneer, curd, ghee, & butter. Sid’s Farm’s unique offering allows customers to choose from separate cow & buffalo milk and dairy products depending upon their preference.

Excited with the launch in Bengaluru, Dr. Kishore Indukuri, Founder and MD, Sid’s Farm said, “It is an exhilarating experience to launch Sid’s Farm in Bengaluru and expand our range from Telangana to Bengaluru. I am optimistic that we will soon capture the eyeballs and heart share of residents of the garden city like our patrons in Hyderabad’. Recently, Dr. Indukuri had won the ‘Young Leader of the Year (South)’ in Dare to Dream Awards 2022, stating that he dreamed of making dairy products quality proof and dairy farming more tech oriented. He further said, “We are kicking off our venture by serving our superior quality milk & dairy products only through e-commerce sites and will introduce the same subsequently with niche store partners in Bengaluru. Eventually, we also want to be directly available to our customers at their doorsteps through our app and our own distribution channel too.” He added, “It is not only achievement of a milestone but our honest intention is to make natural buffalo and cow milk free from all antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives available to all. ”

Sid’s Farm is the fresh dairy brand based in Telangana which has put quality as the topmost factor of any product. With more than 500 store partners in and around Telangana, Sid’s Farm aims to provide the consumers with the best quality milk where every unit undergoes 45 tests based on FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) legal standards of milk and milk products.

Incidentally Bengaluru is a consumers’ market and the lack of fresh cow and buffalo milk and milk products free from any antibiotic, preservative, or synthetic hormone, presents Sid’s Farm the perfect opportunity to provide consumers with best in class milk and dairy products. Sid’s Farm stands for Quality and it aims to stand out among Dairy companies of India. It is also a consumer-focused firm and strives to improve their products through feedback from stakeholders.