Some Software Solutions Simplifying and Organizing Human Resources Functions

Some Software Solutions Simplifying and Organizing Human Resources Functions

The work of an HR at MNCs and big companies is huge. They have to take care of things like hiring of employees, formulating HR policies, getting the appraisals done on time, regulating employee performance and most important of all retaining the best talent for the company. Companies have been maintaining a team of 8-10 HRs to take care of all these tasks.

CEOs and HRs have constantly give importance to effectively manage the employee’s performance because this act of engaging employees to review the ongoing workplace performance has helped companies to grow and achieve targets. To effectively manage this the human resource department have to reach out to managers and employees of the company which is a time taking and humanly impossible task. To cross these hurdles companies have been looking towards implementing technological means to simplify this tedious work. Today technologies like AI, data analytics and Machine Learning have been making waves in the HR industry because these technologies has simplified and organized the HR functions.

Companies can look out for various HR solutions available in the market to make this tedious and time taking task- simple and faster. Here are some HR Tech solutions listed below that companies can look out for to help people of the human resource department:

hireXP is a new age recruitment software company that empowers organizations to hire the right candidates in the right roles, every single time. After their successful stint in Dubai where more than 40000 thousand users embraced the chat bot platform Amara, hireXP has availed the services of Amara to Indian market segment. Amara- AI enabled chat bot is enabled with features like Employee Engagement, Candid Experience, Customer Engagement & Market Research. Amara proactively chats with the employees of the companies to figure out if they are disengaged or unhappy. Amara is equipped with capabilities like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning & Sentimental Analysis. hireXP now has its presence in Dubai, India, USA, Jordan & Saudi Arabia. In India itself Amara is being used by companies like Swiggy, Paisa Bazaar, Policy Bazaar, Foxy Moron, Coin Tribe, Knowlarity, Sapient, Shuttl, CP Plus, Dunzo.

Headsup Corporation
Headsup Corporation, a leading organisation, provides all HR services and solutions to help the business reach its full potential. The organization came into being in 2017. It caters to all Human Resource Management (HRM) requirements and maintains a long list of clientele. Since it targets start-ups and SMEs. It covers wide array of industries such as infrastructure, real estate, image consulting, fashion, fitness, education, health and wellness.While performing in-depth market research, the Founder and Director, Sumit Kumar did many quantitative and qualitative studies in getting a good understanding of the problems and challenges faced by the SMEs and startups. The research showed that the major issues that most of the startups were facing were in the areas of Human Resources Management and Branding. The critical findings of the study were the challenges in HR management like the hiring process, insufficient training for employees, a substandard monitoring system for the staff, and designing an effective appraisal structure amongst others. The founder of the Headsup Corporation decided to come up with a solution to resolve these issues faced by the MSMEs.

HR-One is complete HRMS software for the HR from the folds of Uneecops group (CMMi Level 5). The company has more than 300+ happy clients that boast of unwavering support and promising product from HR-One. The company works for major brands like Haier, Mankind, Kwality, Vatika, Lenskart, Apollo Munich, ColdEx, Britannica, NTL, AIR INDIA SATS, Bharat Oman, APML and others. HR-One as a product takes care of all aspects of the employee life cycle from hire to retire with features like geo-tracking, geo-fencing, live photo capturing, consultant and candidate portal integration with the recruitment module.