This Startup Aims To Provide Financial Assistance To Women Entrepreneurs And New Startups With Eye-Catching Offers

Cash Suvidha Team

It would not be overstating to say that the SME sector is one of the most important contributors in the process of the growth of the Indian economy. In spite of its large size and the vital role it plays in the country’s economy, although, the Indian SME sector suffers a lot in the sphere of adequate financial access due to lack of awareness as well as poor access to banking services and outdated data models while facing all of this, the small businesses has to cope-up with an unhealthy financial environment to survive and growth. As a result, many small businesses either decide to close their shops or rely on the expensive and complicated financing options, largely available from the unorganized lending sector.

cashsuvidha logoInception and a Little Bit About Cash Suvidha Team
Cash Suvidha started its journey since April 2016 in Delhi, it has presently over 3,500+ borrowers and the ticket size of loan is Rs 10 thousand up to Rs 3 Lakhs. It is an online lending platform which was started with an aim or goal to reduce the waiting time and turnaround time for business loans in both, the urban and the rural areas.

The team at Cash Suvidha is awesome combination of brilliant minds. They have been guiding numerous individuals and institutions towards easier finance at competitive rates. They have been giving a lot of financial help to beginning many new ventures as well as encouraged many ideas come to life and become successful eventually. While we are discussing at depth regarding their talented persons of the team, it becomes equally important to discuss the front-runners, charioteers and leaders of the pack.

With a vast experience of over 25 years, in the field of Business & Financial Market, Mr. Rajesh Gupta has a degree of B.Com (Hons) from Delhi University. He is currently holding a position of the Director in the company. He is renowned for his top-notch knowledge and noteworthy ability and he is also playing an important role in the management of the company. His professional know-how has helped the organization to establish new horizons, apart from enlarging the service range. Besides all of this, his honest visionary guidance has helped us in mounting up with the clientele.

Mr. Anoop Garg, the Co-Founder of Cash Suvidha has enabled the platform for the users with a hassle-free operation as well as fast approval and quick disbursal. He has been the consistent supporter of the enterprise for a long period of time since the beginning of it. His dynamic experience of over 21 years in various areas, capacities and domains has been a big plus for the management and operations of the business.

This Startup Aims To Provide Financial Assistance To Women Entrepreneurs And New Startups With Eye-Catching Offers

Cash Suvidha: An Attempt to Help the Startup Industry
Let us peek into the inner side of Cashsuvidha to find out what has inspired us to reach out to many accomplishments as a whole on different levels as well as on different spheres of the success.

They have four-Step process to gain funds for you which is fascinating. Just apply anytime, upload your documents and disbursal as well as with a guarantee that the loan amount will be disbursed to you within 72 hours. People can apply anytime as well as upload their documents and have the loan disbursed within 72 hours. The focus of the Cashsuvidha is on the income sectors and providing working capital to women entrepreneurs, MSMEs, SMEs as well as startups, Personal Loan and the provision of invoice finance.

Cash Suvidha has an extensive range of products, for example, Entrepreneur Loan, Small Medium Enterprise Loan, Personal Loan and Invoice Finance. Their attempts to aid as well as help the Women Entrepreneurs are appreciable and it gives them an edge over others. The passionate team is also working on a technology through which many benefits can be obtained in real time, for example, it includes Social Score, E-KYC, Human behavior & Credit Bureau CIBIL & Equifax.

They have many centers in remote areas with employees who are the localities of the area, so they understand the needs better as well as they can customize the loan product as per the needs of the borrowers. As an addition, they are very prompt in accessing the loan requirements and the process of disbursal is also quick and responsive. The digital platform, CashSuvidha serves as a clear cut demarcating factor in steps ahead for you to get easy loans at competitive rates that is coming your way.

Cash Suvidha has come up with an opportunity to provide small and micro-empowerment loans with the best-in-the-market interest rates. Here, they will invite and inspire the unbanked as well as under banked women who want to start their own business. These loans are specially designed for the deprived, discriminated and economically neglected women.

They are promoting in various local groups and providing readily available as well as big chunks of money with sometimes no collateral or nominal rates of interest. They are really trying to fight against the odds and all the challenges to make a path for a long way. Additionally, they are improving the macroeconomic conditions as well with higher credit penetration along with increased consumption and disruptive digital trends that will allow Cash Suvidha to grow at a healthy rate over next five years.

Focus Area for the Future
Cash Suvidha is focusing all their efforts for fulfilling the urban and rural credit requirements as well giving various benefits to the lower strata. Their motive is to make a bridge for the wide gap between the market and those who have no access to banks and financial institutions. Cash Suvidha aims to reach up to one lakh borrowers.

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