Startup Trends: Why There is a Need to Shift to Packaged Food Products?

Startup Trends: Why There is a Need to Shift to Packaged Food Products?

When it comes to food, everyone ensures safety, hygiene, and cleanliness in their kitchens but what about its hygienic condition before reaching there? Have you ever considered the possibility of transmission of communicable diseases when it comes in contact with human hands in the local kirana shops who sell loose and open food items? Also, the condition of the retail premises where it is sold also matters in maintenance of the quality of products. But such details are often overlooked or ignored by small retail shop owners. In retail premises, food items like sugar, pulses, rice, wheat etc. are kept open inviting various insects and rodents to prey upon such food. The labour working there are also unaware about the contaminants that they can transfer. Such carelessness can prove to be fatal and life threatening.

Startup Trends: Why There is a Need to Shift to Packaged Food Products?

Various reports of food retailers indulging in adulteration had surfaced a few months ago. Open food items give shop owners an easy access for mixing and adulteration, allowing them to sell sub-standard quality products without consumer’s knowledge. Whereas when it comes to packaged products, a consumer can rightfully return the products if found tampered with.
These are the primary reasons one should make a smooth shift towards packaged products. But there are other benefits as well and they are briefly explained in this article.

1. Protecting Food
The basic purpose of packing a food product is to reduce the exposure to contaminants in the air and to protect from unnecessary damage during shipping etc. Packaging helps in protection from spilling, breaking etc. and eventually helping in resistance from tampering.

2. Communication/Information
The outer package contains important information regarding the product like manufacturing date, expiry date, nutrient information, ingredients etc. which itself communicates with its buyers or consumers. A packaged product with all of this information is bound to be sold more because no one wants to take a risk in today’s times.

3. Promotion
The packaging design also matters. It should be in relevance to the target audience. For eg: The target audience for the popular chocolate candy ‘Gems’ are the kids and to be appealing to the kids, the packaging is always in bright colours which attract children. A smart packaging choice will always lead to an improvement in sales.

4. Hygiene
Hygiene is of utmost importance and it is assured by packaged food products. Paper packaging, container packaging etc. all sorts of packaging ensures cleanliness and proper hygiene. Eg: When a tired shopkeeper measures loose sugar without washing his hands, imagine how many germs and bacteria would come in contact with it. But the packaged goods are manufactured in huge factories where its safety and cleanliness are given prior importance.

5. Ease of storage
For sellers and retailers, this convenient packaging provides ease of storage and transportation. In fact, it is easier to store even for buyers who can easily keep the packets in almirahs at home. Packaged consumer goods also creates ean ease of choice and hence making shopping a smoother experience.

6. Shelf life
Different and small packaging helps prolong the shelf life of various foods and drinks. For eg: Plastic packaging helps preventing discoloration and glass and metal containers help in retaining freshness for a longer time.

Retail ready packaging also known as shelf-ready packaging is usually favoured by retailers for it streamlines the process of in-store stock replenishment. Packaging serves huge importance in promotion of a product and has become a part of the 5 Ps of marketing.

Packaging is a product’s dress which not only helps in promotion of a product but the well packaged and sealed products also ensure its safety and keeps them away from toxins and other forms of contamination.

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