‘The future of mobility’: Klüber Lubrication, a brand of Freudenberg at India Auto Expo Components 2023

Speciality lubricants to accelerate the journey towards new mobility

Klüber Lubrication: Complete lubrication solutions for the automotive industry

NEW DELHI | 16th January 2023: The world leader in speciality lubricants, Klüber Lubrication showcases their state of the art solutions at the Auto Expo Components 2023 (January 12th to 15th, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi). There will be a special emphasis on their competence as a complete lubrication solution provider for all automotive needs, the latest generation of their ‘noise kit’, custom-made solutions for electric vehicles and strong focus on sustainability.

Klüber Lubrication: Complete lubrication solutions for the automotive industry

The average automobile has more than 250 lube points and each of these presents its own set of challenges. In addition to the lubricants needed within automobile itself, the manufacturing process poses equally demanding and complex lubrication challenges. “Klüber lubrication, now a few years shy of being a century old company, has developed customized products for all these applications. In the instance where an existing product does not fulfil the requirements, the Klüber team has state of the art resources and competence to work together with customers to develop a tailor-made solution,” says Hitendra Bharagava, CEO and Regional Management Board Member Asia Pacific, Klüber Lubrication.

Silence is golden: Automotive noise kit

Klüber Lubrication has long pioneered the development of greases and oils for silent operation of machine elements. This has become increasingly valuable in modern electric vehicles which operate at extremely low decibel levels. To this end, Klüber has developed the noise kit, now in its new 4th generation. The V4 Kit includes 20 product samples that substantially reduce the noise in vehicle interiors caused by undesired friction, stick-slip, insufficient damping or material compatibility. Auto manufacturers, suppliers and dealers have successfully used the kit as an engineering development tool and for in service warranty repairs 

Enhancing mobility of the future

It is a reality that the automotive industry is in a state of rapid transition from conventional IC powered vehicles to new mobility solutions, electric vehicles in particular. This has led to many new requirements from lubricants. For example, electromechanical components – such as ball screws and other actuators in the steering, clutch and brake systems of hybrid and electric vehicles – require special lubricants that are adapted to the new requirements. Klüber Lubrication is future ready with custom made products to handle all challenges from components rotating at much higher speeds to extremely low NVH level requirements. These solutions extend even to the exponentially growing electric 2 wheeler market in India.

Contributing to a sustainable future

Klüber Lubrication India’s manufacturing plant in Mysore derives more than 55% of its energy from renewable sources. The latest proof: solar panels on the plant’s roof. “With 300 sunny days in Mysore, our photovoltaic system will reduce smog-causing NOx  emissions by 3.5 tons, SOx emissions, which could result in acid rains, by 3.2 tons and also decrease asthma-causing particulates by 0.2 tons. In addition, the project will reduce CO₂ emissions by roughly 1,110 tons, which would is equivalent to more than 88,000 trees,” says Mr. Bhargava.

“Where Klüber really shines, is in helping their customers be more sustainable through use of their longer lasting and higher performing lubricants thereby reducing waste, improving productivity and reducing energy consumption,” he adds.