This Delhi Based Startup Helps Businesses to Focus on Their Core Business While They Take Care of HR Processes

This Delhi Based Startup Helps Businesses to Focus on Their Core Business While They Take Care of HR Processes

We can see that the new millennium has already started to recognize the significance of human resources personnel as they are contributing to recruiting the best manpower in a thriving industry. These days, big or small organizations or even the new startups in the business are relying on Human Resources management in managing business functions such as hiring, conducting interviews or training, based upon the company-related business trends, and employees’ benefits. In fact, many new startups have already started to feel the pressure to become accustomed and grow for a tech-driven work environment. Headsup Corporation is providing Human Resources Management solutions to these new startup organizations by acting as an extension of the management consultant and imparting much-needed human resources services. Headsup Corporation is offering service range from designing a performance appraisal to developing an effective compensation structure.

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How the Headsup Corporation came into existence?
While performing in-depth market research, the founder of the startup, Mr. Sumit Kumar did many quantitative and qualitative studies in getting a good understanding of the problems and challenges faced by the SMEs and startups. The research showed that the major issues that most of the startups were facing were in the areas of Human Resources Management and Branding. The critical findings of the study were the challenges in HR management like the hiring process, insufficient training for employees, a substandard monitoring system for the staff, and designing an effective appraisal structure amongst others. The founder of the Headsup Corporation decided to come up with a solution to resolve these issues faced by the MSMEs.

Sumit Kumar - Founder of Headsup Corporation
Sumit Kumar – Founder of Headsup Corporation

With more and more startups coming into existence, the need for HR services for startups has already started to rise. To address the requirement, Headsup Corporation came into the presence and aim to offer their human resource consultancy services to these emerging and growing startups. The Headsup Corporation was founded by Mr. Sumit Kumar, a highly motivated management postgraduate entrepreneur. The startup was launched in the year 2018 and since then providing practical solutions and toolkits to resolve the Human Resource Management and Branding issues faced by the new startups and other organisations.

The Headsup Corporation offers a one-stop shop for Human Resources Management, Digital Marketing needs of an organization. Whether it is providing the best HR consultancy in Delhi, suggesting an active online presence to your business, Headsup Corporation provides excellent and cost effective solutions.

Headsup Corporation’s first achievement
The organization had the first taste of success when a long time mentor of the founder was unable to implement his idea successfully due to the lack of resources. Headsup Corporation helped him to set up the resources necessary for starting the foundation. It offered the human resource consultancy service and assisted in building a capable team. Since then, the company never looked back, and within few months of the launch of the startup, the client base has grown to more than 25. The company sees potential customers in startups and SMEs of every type of industry.

What makes Headsup Corporation the Best HR startup in Delhi and different from others?
With the subscription-based pricing model, the company offers different services and solutions to various clients as per their needs. The demands of the businesses are changing every day, and to cope with the rising demands of the market, the team of Headsup Corporation is bound to expand its products and offerings every day to meet the expectations of their clients. The growing client base of the organization helped them to successfully perform and implement many different Human Resources Management functions in a very short period.

This Delhi Based Startup Helps Businesses to Focus on Their Core Business While They Take Care of HR Processes

Headsup Corporation provides solutions to multiple HR domains and has created various useful toolkits and solutions to meet the needs of every kind of industry. The company offers its HR services in Delhi to multiple industry verticals. Currently, the startups working with the organization are from sectors like education, travel and co-working space.

HeadsupCorporation does not believe in limiting their services or anyone else’s business talents and ideas. The company has already assisted in setting up a wide array of startup businesses across varied industries like AltSpace, NPLC, ArtMilan, LiftIt, etc. While AltSpacecaters to the rising industry of co-working, NPLC strives to provide the best law coaching classes; ArtMilanserves a platform for Indian traditional art of Madhubanipaintings, and LiftItpromises full-fledged digital marketing assistance. The company is now aiming to provide more incubator assistance to other talented and new entrepreneurs to kick start their business.

And the company had been helping many early-stage startups, some of which are not even six months old. The uniqueness of this HR startup in Delhi lies in its unique talent sharing culture where each of the individual or participant showcases talent on many things. This helps in nurturing new skills, experimenting and developing great results by implementing different innovative ideas.

The company has an excellent insight into the industry with a high number of startups launched after 2010 in Delhi. And most of these startups have now attained a stage where they have found stability in the market. It also enjoys an almost competition free market environment as there is no direct competitor present in the present market.

Moreover, with a recent startup boom in the country, SMEs looking to employ more and more people and have been trying to grow their business. This generates a need for HR management services in these rapidly growing organizations. These organizations are now feeling the need for human resource consultancy services. These startups now understand the value of HR services and Headsup Corporation is looking ahead to make the best use of this opportunity by offering the best HR consultancy in Delhi.

The company has marked its presence in the growing industry of HR services in Delhi and now working with over 25 customers. It is dedicated to reaching the target of 50 clients in the next few months and exploring the business opportunities available in the emerging markets of Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune.

Additionally, the organization also offers the startups mark their presence online in an effective way and reach out to the potential customers by helping them find a new business perspective. This service is helping the startups to grab new opportunities available in the online market.

At Headsup Corporation, one can get multiple HR services for startups under one roof. You do not have to hunt for numerous companies to avail any and all kind of Human Resource Management Services, online marketing, and branding services . Headsup Corporation can be your one stop shop for cost-effective and customized services. The team of trained and experienced professionals of varied expertise endeavor to provide best of the services to its customers.

More details about the Startup:

Name of Startup: Headsup Corporation
Founders: Mr. Sumit Kumar
Launch Date: 8th March 2018
Investors (If any): Totally a bootstrapped startup

• Unique Talent Sharing Culture
• A Subscription-based pricing Model
• Customized services
• Highly skilled and passionate Team
• No direct competitor in the Market
• Offering services to the growing startup industry of the country.

• Rising Startup culture in the country
• The need for Human Resources Management Services in the growing organizations
• Services for every kind of Industry

• To reach at the target of 50 client base.
• To expand to cities like Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.
• To become a leading provider of HR services for startups.