This Diwali Let Technology Light up your Corporate Gifting

This Diwali Let Technology Light up your Corporate Gifting

New Delhi, Delhi, India, 17th October 2019: That time of the year is here! Celebrations abound. Half-yearly appraisals completed, Dussehra just over, it’s the time to Disco! Sorry, its Santa Claus time for all Indians. Oye! Yaaron – its Diwali! And time for the employer to shower love & appreciation on the employees. Most corporates are faced with this dilemma when the “Festival of Lights” approaches. How do we recognize the loyalty & the sheer effort the employees have put in around the year? What would be the ideal gift that would gracefully say & quote; “Thank You” and yet add value?

This Diwali Let Technology Light up your Corporate Gifting

Well, we have got you covered.

The one unifying, equally aspirational gift for any employee, his spouse & the juniors would be the latest gadgets that they could not afford/would not buy.

Presenting a sneak peek into the future! 2019’s Corporate gift list! This Diwali!

  • AirTamer: Imagine your “personal, sterilized, pollution-free, virus-free bubble!” Presenting the First-ever Wearable Air Purifier- the ‘AirTamer’. This tiny gadget, weighing only 50 gms, wearable around the neck, is noiseless and enables you to breathe clean air anytime, anywhere; indoors or outdoors. The AirTamer not only cleanses the air but also sterilizes the surroundings up to 97.5%. The AirTamer’s advanced ionic technology emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that forces airborne pollutants away from your personal space. Its state-of-the-art electrostatic purification system creates a 3-foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air around you.
  • BREO: BREO ISEE4 – Aankhon ki thandak/garmi have been concepts only in the proverbial world. The BREO ISEE4, a Wireless Digital Eye Massager with Heat Compression and Assuasive Music has made that a reality. This is one more gadget from the realms of the future. Breo brings to you a massaging device that can be used over and over again from the comfort of your couch. It is specifically designed to massage the muscles around the eyes. Breo ISee4 is equipped with three different massaging modes and customized music to combat your tiredness. It is powered by a rechargeable 800mAh Li-ion battery designed for maximum portability. It has three options of air pressure massaging modes: SLEEP, & HARD.
  • EQUA: Water is the elixir of life. Yet, dehydration is the single largest cause of human diseases. EQUA comes as “Manna from Heaven”- designed to make your lifestyle healthy by keeping you hydrated. This Smart Water Bottle sends you LED light glow reminders to ensure your hydration. The motion sensor technology tells you exactly when you need to take your next sip of water. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and uses the EQUA app to track your water intake. EQUA is BPA free and comes with real marble or metal top and a metallic holder. It has a capacity of 23 oz and comes in a handy size which makes the smart water bottle ideal for sports, hiking, backpacking or commuting – tailored for Gen-Y, always on the move!
  • NutFinder: No longer will we be subject to the “lil’ Bo-Peep has lost her sheep & doesn’t know where to find them” syndrome. Small and powerful, Nutfinder is a user-friendly and simple solution for real-time positioning so you can keep track of your kids, pets, bikes, luggage – or anything that moves. It gives real-time GPS location for all things mobile. This mini tracker comes with various features like audio notifications if you forget your belongings, last known location alerts and lost phone alerts. It so small and lightweight, you can attach it to anything that you are carrying with you.