This Online Health Consultation Mobile App is a Boon for the Indians

This App is a Boon for the Indians who Are Seeking Instant Consultation of Doctors

Doxtro LogoDoxtro is an online health consultation mobile app using which users can consult specialist doctors in less than 30 minutes. The main aim of the app is to provide instant patient care anytime and anywhere.

In a large country like India where the health problems are growing rapidly, and the health-care facilities cannot be accessed by every individual and even for those individuals who are able to access it, one would have to wait around 60 minutes in hospitals and clinics to consult a doctor, this online health consultation mobile app is a problem solver.

doxtro for doctorsNow patients can get the best specialized consultation they need even while they are in the comfort of their homes without booking any appointment to a doctor, also in this app there is a facility to attach medical reports, so a better opinion from the specialists could be given through medical prescriptions generated online within Doxtro App and then one can just buy the medicines prescribed online.  It can also get the same doctor again for the personalized consultation anytime, this makes instant care less problematic and highly efficient. Through this app an individual can get the best personalized consultation even if he/ she lives in a remote area, where the clinics and hospitals facility is not nearby.

This online health consultation mobile app is a Boon for the Indians is not just a platform for users, but also for doctors as they can grow their practice by overcoming geographical boundaries, advising patients simultaneously in other locations even remote ones, garnering much more experience which was limited to them before right through the app. This also enhance their earnings as they can utilize their free time by consulting patients and address to their health related queries.

Currently, there is an imbalance between the number of doctors available on a platform and the number of users consulting them. Hence, there is a strong need to strike a balance so that both doctors and users benefit out of the system, based on this mindset, the Doxtro App was shaped.

doxtro for patientsKey Features of Doxtro Online Health Consultation Mobile App:-

For Patients:

  1. Problem free consultation
  2. Quick patient care, anytime and anywhere
  3. No need for appointments
  4. Get e- prescriptions
  5. Easy follow up consultation
  6. Getting the best medical consultations

For Doctors:

  1. Connect to the patient in an instant
  2. Practice without any physical boundaries
  3. Expand the medical practice
  4. Earn extra revenue

What were the initial results?
When Doxtro App was released, on 1st May 2016. It was anticipated that the people of age group 18- 35 would adapt to the product more, however we saw an equal adoption rate from people in the age group of 35- 50 was witnessed.

The feedback was very good as many customers expressed great satisfaction to be able to connect with a doctor instantly. As an ideal patient is one who can get the consult as soon as he/ she needs.

The first customer we had, made a consultation sometime around midnight. She was very happy that our doctor could talk to her so late in the night and provide instant medical care for her.

This Online Health Consultation Mobile App is a Boon for the Indians

In order to make the customers understand the procedures of the consultation workflow, the app is currently a freemium model, where the first consultation is free, but the later consultations are chargeable based on the specialization opted by the customer. Part of the reason behind it being a freemium model is also because online consultation is fairly new in the market and people are taking baby steps to adjust to this new facility

India is a multilingual nation. In order to push online healthcare into the deepest corners of the country, we have to open up multi lingual support.

The big picture is to help connect anyone with a doctor at the touch of a button, at anytime, anywhere and for that their goal for the next six months would be to increase our user base and further improvise the product based on user feedback as it is also facing competition in online consultation services by apps like Docsapp and Lybrate.

More details about this startup:
Name of Startup: Doxtro
Key members:
Mr. Ramamoorthy G, COO

Sai Chaitanya, CTO of Dr. Doxtro
Sai Chaitanya, CTO of Doxtro

Launch Date: 1st May 2016
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India