This Pune Based Entrepreneur Creates Business Success at the Age of 27 With the Mantra of “Believe in Yourself”

What Makes Pride Business Unique

Pride Group of Companies Logo1st November, 2008 marked the official beginning of the story of Pride Group of Companies. However, the story of Sudendu Shah, the founder CEO began much before the destination came into the picture. This Pune based company saw many ups and downs at the course of its foundation.

How it all began
Being initially from Solapur, Sudendu Shah leads to his early migration in pursuance of education. Always keeping a watch on his dream and still pegging to make them come true, he was ready to devote day and night for his dream. Being exceptionally good at
Entrepreneurial skills from a very young age, he began exhibiting them and established his first business at a mere unimaginable age of 11 years. Being a reseller of “Mukhavas” first, then later helping out his father at the catering business, he had experienced all sectors of life, balancing them along the way.

The first milestone
Not contented with life and having a feeling of wanting to do more, he aimed for more and had the will to achieve something more meaningful. All his struggles and tries finally landed him his first job as football coach. Gathering his experience there and knowing his limits and sharp suits, he was able to establish his coaching academy called “Pride Coaching Academy.” This was the first of the many milestones to come his way.

Sudendu Shah
Sudendu Shah

More to come
Not stopping there and dedicating his time and sweat to the cause, he opened not one, not two but a total of four branches in the course of mere two years. This feat rekindles his confidence, and he never looked back . Graduating from collegeas an Engineer, he went on to exhibit even more great Managing Skills in the field and “Event Management,” increasing his area of expertise. He tackled one field at a time and with his innovative ideas mixed with hard and smart working, was able to enchant even groups like INOX, Dainik Jagaran, Aditya Birla Group and more to become interested in his businesses. This added more depth and more areas of expertise in his business making it even, more prominent than initially thought, possible of.

Today’s scene
All his hard work and sacrifices has lead to the present scenario of “Pride Group” leading the wave of success in many sectors including “Garment Business” in 2015 & IT sector in 2016-2017. Having 1000+clients in more than 80 regions across the world this group has encashed each, and every opportunity presented to them, they have come a long way since their establishment as a coaching facility in the year 2008 and have become one of the emerging groups of India has seen on this date and time.

Future goals and investors
With a goal which involves working with the latest technology and future technology, they have worked towards the goal of changing business minds of people. They have worked hard to prove that one person can handle more than one businesses. The biggest deal about this group is that there are no investors, meaning everything that was achieved was done on their own without any help from any outsider. The immediate Six-months goal includes looking for more impressive venues and helping manage even better tasks.

Being purely a service provider, Pride customizes their services to cater to the needs of their customers. As they started with Social Events and as they expanded, they learned the most important lesson any social group and Company can learn. Every client has their own unique needs and choices. No two clients will have the same thoughts and needs and what they have to do is to
improvise wherever they can to match their customer’s taste.

They assumed this uniqueness at the very beginning which leads to a natural adaption to unique clients and providing the top-quality services possible.

Sudendu Shah - Pride Group of CompaniesAs every client is important and unique, price fixing becomes very difficult. That is why they undertake Small, Medium and even Pan Size tasks which are a huge deal and seldom company can do.

The uniqueness of this business is that they were always ready to take up any challenge. Everyone had different work profiles and different job specifications, but they were never shy to do any work, no matter how tough it got. They always held on and did their best to satisfy their customers.

With a fantastic team at their disposal, they can achieve anything. They are a symbol that only hard work matters and not your conditions.

  • Akshay Parekh, General Manager, initially started as a fresher without any real field skills but had managed to overcome his limitations and lead the company successfully.
  • Ashish Sonawane, Operation Manager despite having only a 10 th passing diploma had become an inspiration for others with his skills and hardworking tendencies.
  • Monika Panchmiya, Branch Co-Ordinator, a small-town girl is showcasing her skills by leading the company to new heights and heading many projects.
  • Varsha Bhandari, Branch Head, although has no knowledge of Event Management herself is always ready to improvise and work even harder to learn and better herself.

What Makes Pride Business Unique

Never viewing themselves as competition for others, their view is to do their best to become better and more abundant than they already are. They are taking active steps to better their staff and their services for their customers.

Pride Group Team

Where to check them out?

Their motto is Perfection is our Goal, Winning is our Destiny.”

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