This Website Is One Stop Solution For The Homeopathic Doctors In India

MyDocZone Product Snapshot

MyDocZone LogoMydoczone is one stop solution for the homeopathic doctors in India, founded in January 2015 by Arpit Asthana and Nisheeth Pandey. Currently their idea has developed and is being launched for users. It is headquartered in Mumbai and provides services which connect homeopathic doctors and patients across the country. The company kicked off with four services which are Patient Management System (PMS), Physical Appointment Booking, Video consultation and Health discussion forum. Doctors are using PMS for their daily practice and have already began video consultations with patients located in other cities.

Arpit Asthana Founder Mydoczone
Arpit Asthana – Founder Mydoczone

Before starting the company the co-founders were into Investment Banking world and have worked together for many years. During their job they always felt that sitting in front of four screens and crunching numbers in excel spreadsheets for 12 hours daily, doesn’t define their life. They define themselves as an Employee who desires to be an Employer. They wanted to do something for the society and after working on several business plans, it seems healthcare sector is what they were destined to enter.

Nisheeth Pandey Founder Mydoczone
Nisheeth Pandey – Founder Mydoczone

Well, it all began in late 2014 when Nisheeth and his fiancée (now his wife, an MD in Homeopathy) were having discussions upon setting up a clinic in Mumbai after marriage. His wife had a well established practice in her hometown and it was a deep concern to leave her patients base and move to a new city. In their discussions on what difficulties she would face, he realised that it is a big challenge for a homeopath doctor to create a patient base when compared to an allopath. After that, he started digging more into the real problem and underlying concerns which were stopping homeopathy in general to grow. He realised that there exists a bigger concern than just leaving patients base and the idea was born in his mind.

Also Arpit, since his childhood saw his father, a homeopath doctor struggling to grow his practice. His father always worked in a different job during the day and practiced at his clinic in the evening to earn sufficient income for his family. Growing up he realised that several homeopathic doctors across the country face very similar challenges. He was very well aware of the current issues which existed in the homeopathic sector and had plans to do something for his father.

On a casual talk during tea break, they both started discussing homeopathy in India and Arpit mentioned that he wants to build a portal for his father which would expand his practice online. This is where Nisheeth jumped and said “Why to think small, let’s think bigger” and thus the idea of MyDocZone was completely born. They went for multiple discussions and started developing the idea by working days and nights. It is Jan 2015 when the company was incorporated and now the company has grown almost a year old. During this period, there were several additions and enhancements done in the original concept after interacting with doctors and taking feedback from mentors.

MyDocZone Product Snapshot

In designing their services they always keep the doctor at the center and believe that the generated benefits will automatically get trickled down to the patients. The website uniquely provides interactive search page which helps Patients to choose the right doctor for their illness, an integrated video chat platform for online consultation, a patient management system specially designed for homeopathy doctors, a forum to discuss health issues and case studies and many more functionalities which is going to help the homeopathy sector.

Currently Homeopathy market is relatively a smaller market but with current growth rate of 30% they believe that there exists a potential to uplift homeopathy and take it to a next level.