TraveLibro – A Mumbai based Startup that Reinvents Capturing Live Travel Experiences

TraveLibro - A Mumbai based Startup that Reinvents Capturing Live Travel Experiences

With technological advancement and fast-paced lives, travel planning is considered a tedious task. The idea of flipping through broachers and itineraries evokes lethargy. Thus, first-hand experience and reviews, from a trusted source, plays a vital role in the bookings process. TraveLibro, a travel social-networking platform, seeks to bridge this gap. With a mobile app that allows capturing your journey live, resulting into a travel story that not only inspires friends and avid travelers but also helps plan their trip better. TraveLibro seeks to make this transfer of information seamless and also seeks to ease and add fun to travel memories..

Monish & Malhar

An Approach towards Development
Monish Shah along with Malhar Gala conceptualized and developed this platform to bring together the travel community to share their travel stories. TraveLibro aspires to serve as a one-stop solution for all travel needs. It allows the user to explore the profiles of other like-minded traveler. Furthermore, the ‘Local Life’ tab under the ‘My Life’ section segregates any activity such as check-ins, experiences and reviews in one’s home town from any travel story.

Most importantly, the application is brought about with the aim to help people who are confused because of the many options available. The app helps the user to come to some sort of a conclusion on how and where to plan their journey with their loved ones. Additionally, capturing the travel memories together is made possible through the app.

Attaining the Potential customer
TraveLibro offers a lot of content on the app and portal that can be used to make an informed decision when planning your journey. It aspires to build an entire ecosystem, allowing a user to perform everything on the app and seems to be a unique amalgamation of social networking and travel. At present, TraveLibro is bootstrapped by its founders, creating that substantial investment for the business. They aim to be a global travel social network by scaling and binding their community of potential travellers- partners through a highly engaged and functional app, and a clear marketing plan. Therefore, the staff works with utmost consideration and dedication to build a great level of reliability which offers unmatched customer satisfaction.

A Mumbai based Startup that Reinvents Capturing Live Travel Experiences

Understanding Challenges and Issues to Accomplish Goals
With a start-up hurdles are abundant. TraveLibro firmly believes in crossing those hurdles and accomplishing goals with continued effort to make the experience perfect.
Over the years, there has been a change in the way travel experiences are being shared—from writing a blog about a holiday to sharing a few selected moments on social media for instant likes and gratification.

This change in capturing the travel experiences has created a huge gap in the cut-throat market. TraveLibro bridges this gap and offers a platform where a user can post their entire experience, in a chronological timeline of events via photos, videos, check-ins and captions. The team strives hard to build this innovative platform to capture each users travel experiences and also bring together global storytellers that would help to inspire other people.

Solution to Challenges and Issue
The TraveLibro app (Apple | Android) provides a solution by offering the opportunity to explore and share travel stories with other users to influence them. Thus, helping a user to pick the best spots, eateries and places to visit. TraveLibro is a travel social network that offers the opportunity to be the part of a large travel community and to fuel wanderlust and inspire another user to experience more than they’ve set out to see at a destination

Message to Fellow Entrepreneurs
Business has risks which might take individuals to a higher position or even pull you down or lead to disappointments, sometimes. Thus, one needs to have a clear strategy and plan which has to be executed in a systematic order to achieve goals. That success has no shortcuts, is the rule of the thumb.

Short Term and Long-term goals
They have been escalating toward the growth and have built a large number of happy customers, who have extreme trust in them. TraveLibro intended to keep this trust alive forever. Talking about the success plan, in six months, the firm looks to have 100,000 active users on the portal, marketing to such people who are passionate about travelling and sharing their identical experience with everyone through their portal. They are ambitious to become the world largest travel social network and help discover the best travel stories.

TraveLibro - A Mumbai based Startup that Reinvents Capturing Live Travel Experiences

Reason to Choose
The product differentiation seems to be that it is one stop solution for all your travelling needs. There is no need to look for multiple sites regarding booking, accommodation, information about places, planning and reviews. TraveLibro offers the entire travel experience from the very thought of visiting place, to returning back home with memories.

TraveLibro is one of the only app around the world which makes capturing travel experiences together possible into a synchronized travel timeline. Thus capturing and reliving all your travel stories and memories is made seamless.

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