Uber Partners With Yulu to Make Urban Commute Efficient and Eco-friendly

Minimizing Pollution levels in India, Transforming cities through micro-mobility!

Uber Partners With Yulu to Make Urban Commute Efficient and Eco-friendly

Time is up! The clock is ticking and it is both our duty and our only choice left to align ourselves towards creating a cleaner and sustainable India. The latest statistics on AQI (Air Quality Index) shared (May 8th, 2019) show that we are dangerously moving towards a unhealthy air index across all cities, whether metros or non-metros of India. It is also our individual and collective responsibility to ensure that we are doing our best to maintain an eco-balance.

Uber-Yulu-Minimizing Pollution levels in India, Transforming cities through micro-mobility

Micro-mobility is the need of the hour in Indian cities. The amount of bad air we inhale every day is reducing our life rate daily. Clogged roads, traffic congestion has made our life miserable. Bangalore being the Silicon Valley of India is known for its traffic woes. Cycling to office is a new trend which all the metro cities are witnessing to reduce the traffic congestion and helping to build a sustainable environment. Similarly, other cities are slowly rising to the occasion and we see positive movement towards healthier alternatives such as Yulu Miracle. From the high-tech IT hubs of India to the historic cities, it is time to spread the wave of change all over the country. On a different note, you can also explore your neighborhood or cycle trek to the nearest getaways. Yulu : A mission-oriented company, is striving to drive India towards sustainable mobility. With the largest fleet of smart bicycles and electric scooters, Yulu is always looking to partner with companies who have shared interest.

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We found a partner in the form of UBER; who not only believes in our vision but is also walking the talk with us. Uber’s partnership with Yulu will make the urban commute efficient and ecofriendly. People can now save their time by using Yulu’s e-bike and reduce the traffic woes. The partnership will benefit everyone as they can now use the e-bike to ride to a certain traffic congestion point and take public transport. We, at Yulu are looking to bring a wave of change in the entire country, and while we started with few cities, it is time take this revolution to different cities within India.

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By the way, while we bring this update to you, we were wondering if this thought resonates with Government of India and if it is a part of the urban infrastructure development. We are optimistic and will help with all such efforts, so look forward to what’s in store.

Not to mention the benefits to our own self when we choose environment-friendly alternatives like EV two-wheelers or Cycles, that help keep ourselves fit and healthy mentally as well as physically.