Yuvraj Singh, Randeep Hooda & Neha Dhupia encourage Indians to break the taboo and talk about health issues with DocsApp’s #BaatTohKaro initiative

The campaign videos address depression, pregnancy and sexual health issues

BaatTohKaro initiative

These days many celebrities are lending their voice to drive important health conversations within the community. We have seen many celebrities talk openly about mental health that is rather considered a taboo in our society. Their battle against these taboos have encouraged the current generation to seek medical help from an expert whenever required. As Randeep Hooda recently tweeted, “A sad reality we live in! Talking about depression is still a taboo. If you sense something is off, do ask your loved ones to go for an online consultation privately with a therapist.”

This was followed by tweets from Neha Dhupia who said, “It’s always better to talk to an expert about them. With DocsApp, you are never ever alone.  Bus Ek Kaam Karo #BaatTohKaro”. Cricketer Yuvraj Singh also tweeted, “Would recommend online consultation with a qualified professional.”

Indians feel safer discussing their issues online. Yet, there are many, who deal with their problems in silence. DocsApp, India’s leading online doctor consultation platform, teamed up with celebrities Neha Dhupia, Yuvraj Singh and Randeep Hooda to promote individuals to break the taboo & talk about their problems instead of suffering in silence. 

#DocsApp & #BaatTohKaro were trending on twitter & many Indians took part and tweeted about this initiative started by the brand.

Commenting on the participation from the celebrities, Satish Kannan, CEO DocsApp said, “We are delighted to have Yuvraj Singh, Randeep Hooda & Neha Dhupia take interest in our initiative. These celebrities understand the importance of vocalizing health-related issues & finding a solution for the same. Neha Dhupia has always been vocal about the importance of female health & hygiene. Randeep Huda has already been addressing the importance of mental well-being in society. Yuvraj Singh has bravely fought cancer & understands the importance of timely advice from a professional and propagates the same. We at DocsApp, are glad to have collaborated with these celebrities who understand the need for this initiative & encourage Indians to break the taboo & talk.”

The team of DocsApp conceptualized 3 videos for this initiative with the aim to inspire people to speak up & shatter the barriers of communication in our society. The campaign includes a series of videos with Aisha Ahmed, Anupriya Goenka & Ravish Desai depicting troubles that an individual may face. Through its strong visual storytelling, the brand encourages Young Indians to talk about their problem to the right person, opening the path to recovery.

Irregular/missed periods can be quite worrying for women. Missed periods can be a sign of an underlying problem. A missed period is generally considered as a sign of pregnancy but it may not be the case. Periods play a vital role in a woman’s life and affects her life in many unexpected ways. Timely advice from a doctor can help avoid complications, yet individuals don’t find a platform where they can talk and address these issues. This sensitive topic is beautifully depicted by Aisha Ahmed in one of the videos. 

Ravish Desai brilliantly enacts as a man who has been hiding a secret which has affected his personal life and has put his relationship with his wife at stake. Instead of approaching a professional, he chose to suffer in silence and caused his marriage to fail.

Actress Anupriya Goenka depicts a woman who has lost hope. The video shows her cling to her life with falling interest. Painful as it is, to watch her battle her mind on screen, in real life depression can be even scarier. Depression is one of the most common killers of our age, and loved ones are lost due to negligence on our part and silence on theirs. Talking helps, be it a stranger, family, friends or a counsellor. 

Over the coming weeks, DocsApp will take this initiative further by spreading awareness through a strategic campaign backed by a creative social media concept, specialized targeting, contextual advertising and much more.  Inspired by the mindset and dedication of creating a community where individuals talk instead of suffering in silence. DocsApp is proud to prompt a movement for all #BaatTohKaro.

Video links: https://youtu.be/JXvskWl6lvA