Zoomcar bets big on electric mobility; launched single-tyre EV #ZoomWheel

Starting with the launch in Bangalore, Zoomcar is investing $30mn to have 100,000 units hit the road


New Delhi, April 9, 2019: Wheel, the first invention of humankind that took us into the industrial age and beyond, still remains our best invention, ever. It has stood the test of time, technology and all the four temperaments, and while we owe a lot to the wheel, we have never have given its due in full. Until Zoomcar decided to change all that.

With an ambition to take the oldest ever invention and make it the most advance ever, Zoomcar is launching the ZoomWheel today. It will revolutionise both, the first and last mile mobility. Built entirely on the three tenants of micro mobility: Accessibility, Affordability and Convenience.

ZoomWheel presents single-tyre intelligent electric vehicle on which one can stand, balance and zip through to anywhere. Right form you bed to out in the park, office, everyday errands, what not. In one charge it can cover over 25 KMs, enough to get a coffee and be back. In the face of traffic woe, and growing tariff when it comes to commuting, this would be the best answer.

Commenting on the latest development, Greg Moran, CEO, Zoomcar said, “In the first phase we will be launching ZoomWheels on Subscription in Bangalore, our home market and later introduce it across our top 7 markets.”

Greg, also stressed on the fact that micro-mobility is the next big thing and is confident that a product like this is here to definitely disrupt the market and he sees a potential billion dollar market in the next few years with this product.

A $30mn investment by the company will see around 100,000 units. The initial roll-out will happen in Bangalore and later, Zoomcar will scale it across all 8 key markets, with a dedicated app and a UI that’s set out to impress! It’s easy to Subscribe and as an introductory one time offer for a subscription cost of Rs.1000 for 6 months and security deposit of Rs.2500 for the first 10K bookings.

Zoomcar will be setting up Riding Crash-Course Kiosks in malls and Learning Videos on Youtube for ready reference, latter bring in integration with fitness bands and smart watches to keep a tab on a user’s health as well while zooming about.