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Criticisms Made This Startup Strong to Provide Better Experiences for Unmarried Couples

In developed countries, an unmarried couple staying together is an age-old concept. Popular serials like Friends, The big bang theory have the idea of roommates staying together as friends. In India, No law prohibits unmarried couples from staying together, but people mindsets still refuse. We are in the 21st century, and it’s time to in stop indulging in personal matters.

Though there is no scarcity of hotels in India, but the trick is to find the right match. Choosing a wrong hotel during a business trip or friends meeting can be a frustrating. Bad experiences give opportunities to transform ideas into a successful business. Similarly, Sumit Anand after facing a disappointing hospitality experience, he decided to launch hotel service for unmarried couples. He is committed to fixing the problem without moral policing. They provide friendly ambiance to stay without promoting ethics and values. The initiative was launched as on 1st September 2016 by Sumit & Amardeep.


Heavy Criticism lead to setting up comfortable and safe rooms for Unmarried Couples
A good hotel is like building a  good relationship that comforts and excites to enjoy the moment with peace of mind. Getting rejected and denied for a stay in a hotel motivated Sumit Anand and Amardeep Singh Khichi to launch a decent hotel service for unmarried couples. Their business idea acknowledges the disturbing mindset of people. They offer a solution to stay in a hotel with dignity and respect. is a couple of friendly hotel aggregator is set out to break taboos and change the societal mindset. They opted to fulfill unsolved problem with a satisfying experience. Along with the room, customers can purchase customized gifts like cakes chocolates and deliver directly to their stay to make it more memorable. They will soon launch Android app for it.

Criticisms Made This Startup Strong to Provide Better Experiences for Unmarried Couples

It’s an only startup which got customers from the day 1 of the launch. They are using Facebook and word of mouth for its popularity.  Customers are required to pay for the actual staying hours. Be in any Any class of hotel, Any Day, Any Night. For example, if any couple stayed for 10 hours. They need to pay for 10 hours. So it’s a win-win position for customers because they will pay for a shorter duration. Hotelier can make more money by getting more customers in a single day.

Sumit Anand, CEO of
Sumit Anand, CEO of

The enthusiastic and open minded team consist of Sumit Anand (CEO) and Amardeep Singh Khichi (COO).

Amardeep Singh Khichi, COO of
Amardeep Singh Khichi, COO of

The core team members are Shwetabh Tiwari ( Lead Developer), Karan Maggo ( Digital Marketing), Vikash Mishra ( App Developer), Bhargav Trivedi ( Marketing), Pranjal Jain (SEM),  Maulee Desai (Content Writer).

Shwetabh Tiwari, Lead Developer of
Shwetabh Tiwari, Lead Developer of

Around 2000 customers already enjoyed their service in just six months but this year remains crucial for them. This year target is 10,000 happy customers.

Vikash Mishra, App Developer of
Vikash Mishra, App Developer of

What matters most?
Hotels are more than just a place to sleep. It set the mood right to enjoy the time and destination. Right hotel can make a holiday. Memories are made that makes all the difference. The customer wants to feel secure and assured for their hotel booking. One can tell if hotel lives up to its hype after reaching the hotel. Choosing the right hotel is always a trying and testing task. There is a certain degree of skepticism to learn the truth about real life experiences. Don’t forget to venture out Luvstay as it marks its presence in 17 cities and 100 plus hotels across the nation. It highlights elements which will make the holiday memorable. It serves as the foundation for a relaxing, friendly and convenient stay. It’s doesn’t make sense to go to extremes.

No more listening to incongruous comments like “snap out of it”,guys “get a room, fella”. Now they are finally getting one and quite lawfully. Kudos, Team Luvstay! This is wonderful piece of news, and dare someone challenge it.

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