This Indian Company Pursues a Global Opportunity in Chemical and Fertiliser Industry & Contributes in Improving Lives of Million People

Ashok-Aggrawal-chairman - HPM Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd

logo of HPM Chemicals & Fertilisers LtdVarying Monsoon every year, Seasonal demand, Small Farmland, dependence on Government are major challenges in India to start a fertilizer company. However, man and nature are inseparable.

Shri Srikisan Dass Aggarwal envisioned setting his footprints in the agro-industry in India in 1974. During that time it way essential to develop chemical and fertilizers enough to support the economy of the India. He understood that particular fertilizers are required for better yield.  This would uplift the life the farmers too.

Ashok-Aggrawal-chairman - HPM Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd
Ashok Aggrawal, Chairman – HPM Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd.

Gradually there was an improvement in farming efficiency than it was accelerated. HPM Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd. started becoming the major supplier of agri-input products. The company brought prosperity in all the lives that were attached to the company growth. Right from farmers to employees’ life was touched and raised their standard of living fulfilling its motto “Yielding prosperity”. HPM lives to its commitment and helped families to produce more, earn more and lead an improved life.

tapasya-goel-Executive-Director-HPM Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd
Tapasya Goel, Executive Director – HPM Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd.

Developed Expertise and boost the technical know-how
They truly believe in creating something which is meaningful and extends beyond business – a better life for farmers. The farming community has been the backbone of our country.  This is the reason HPM has created a successful value chain while working in and with lakhs of villages from across the nation, something that has been the key to their success.

Aiming towards “self-reliance in productivity”, HPM focused and believed on meticulous farmers and dynamic management team. It built brilliant R&D department to create environment-friendly products. It devoted resources in developing modern day technology for developing a technique for the next farming generation. They offered services in a variety of product ranges from Agrochemicals to Public health chemicals and fertilizers.

Achieving greater impacts with partners
With over four decade’s experiences leading by example in the fertilizer industry, it is a front runner in Green revolution drive. They not only deal with protection, safeguarding and enhancement of crops but also focus on creating a steady supply of household pesticides, insecticides, and agrochemicals. A firm believer of Quality Assurance, An uncompromising attitude towards environmental friendliness and adhering to industry standards enable the company to produce products of global standards.

HPM products are available throughout India, possible only because of industry leading marketing community. It includes over 5000 distributors, 16000 dealers, and more than 40000 retailers. It has set footprints in 28 countries spanning three continents and has constantly been providing quality agri-solutions across countries.


HPM Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd. prides itself in sharing its own story of success hand in hand with the farmers. They are continuously focusing on providing the best possible agricultural aid and solutions all through the four decades since their inception. They have grown to develop a pan India presence characterized by quality infrastructure facilities with latest technological facilities, standing at par with international brands

They work closely with a team of hard working farmers to create the finest farming seeds and fertilizing products with a shelf life that holds longer than a majority of the competition. They are constantly raising the quality bar for themselves in order to deliver the best and most secure products. They truly do justice to their motive of ‘yielding prosperity’. They yearn to provide the best opportunities for mutual growth and development to their partners including the meticulous farmers of our country. The dynamic board of directors works day in and out to leave a positive impact on every life that they touch.

HPM companies are working with R&D with advanced technology to serve well for the mankind for its present and better future. It’s the quality fertilizers and chemical that can save humankind to solve the food concerns.