Motion Education’s INR 100 Crore Vision: Tailoring Education for Student Success

Motion Education to expand personalization of education with INR100 crore investment.

Motion Education, a renowned institution for medical and engineering exam preparation, has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in the world of education – India’s first Customized Practice Sheet (CPS) machine. This innovative development is poised to revolutionize the learning experience for students by offering a personalized approach to their studies.

Committed to empowering students, Motion Education has invested INR 50 crore to tailor the entire learning process to meet students’ specific needs, with plans to allocate an additional INR 100 crore in the near future. The introduction of CPS machines, exclusively designed for JEE and NEET aspirants, marks a significant stride toward personalized education. These machines, now installed in over 50 centers, have already benefited more than 35,000 students.

The CPS machine, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), dissects test papers into distinct phases based on subject, topic, sub-topic, and difficulty level. This enables students to pinpoint their weak areas and provides a targeted approach to addressing these deficiencies.

The result is a profound improvement in subject comprehension, bolstering students’ confidence and enhancing their overall performance in preparation for the final exams. The CPS machine generates questions curated by experienced faculty members at Motion Education, ensuring a high standard of content.

Nitin Viijay, Founder & CEO of Motion Education, expressed, “The deployment of the CPS machine echoes our commitment to transform the teaching pedagogy for a more fruitful outcome. We at Motion Education harbor the vision to infuse quality education. With the help of CPS, we aspire to set a new benchmark for excellence. Understanding that every student is different and comes with their own strengths and weaknesses, the CPS machine allows for harnessing the best in the individual while working on the drawbacks at the same time.”

In light of the concerning rise in suicidal cases in Kota, these CPS machines come as a valuable solution. They have the capability to alleviate the immense pressure on students by tailoring their course structure to their individual learning capacity.

Motion Education’s dedication to student empowerment goes beyond technology. They have also initiated motivational seminars featuring speakers like Jaya Kishori and Shailesh Lodha to inspire students and foster a positive mindset.