The humongous growth of digital world over the past few years has made it possible for organizations to attain amazing brand visibility by understanding users’ online behaviour and reach them through the same platform with their own offerings.

In such an enormous marketing horizon, it is essential to measure and evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns to align with ROI and other expectations. In absence of this data, investing resources in various marketing strategies and programs becomes unmeasurable and often futile.

To address both these areas marketers require a tool to customize different marketing programs around the brand, integrate all the marketing efforts in offline and online world and then finally measure it using real time data.

Neel Sinha, an engineer and IIM alumni, was always fascinated with marketing and to support the needs of organizations with new ideas and technology, identified this as a basic and core problem and felt an economically available tool that addresses these basic marketing necessities would have a place in the market.  Thus, MyLnk was born.

Neel Sinha – Founder, MyLnk

Launch and Features: MyLnk, an innovative URL management platform and link shortener tool was launched in September 2017. The main features of this solution-based tool are to personalize and shorten long URLs, and provide a track of clicks vs demography with an easy and simple interface.

With advancements in the digital platform, businesses are reaching their target audience through various platforms like social media, official websites, directories and many more. With number of links increasing every day, the need for a URL shortening tool has become more of a necessity. MyLnk enables the businesses to shorten the URLs into meaningful and customized links that attracts more clicks, are easy to remember and share with others. Besides, every link shortened through MyLnk comes with a unique stats page having the details on incoming traffic on any given day.

MyLnk Brings Brands to Life with Personalization and Analytics

MyLnk makes it easier to quantify the success rate of marketing campaigns and provides precise evaluation. Putting this analysis and measurements into consideration assists marketers to plan an effective and better marketing plan and strategies.

The tool facilitates to track and measure the traffic in real time. It helps in analyzing the popular trends and stories amongst the target audience. The marketers can use it to plan the next marketing strategy effectively and assists in integrating the efforts to reach and communicate with the potential customer base.

Connect with Target Customers

Developing software and using it regularly are two different tasks. By developing the tool, the company accomplished the first task, but the question was who is going to use it. Neel Sinha and his team researched thoroughly on their target customers and approached them with a well-framed presentation explaining the features of the advanced URL management platform. Consequently, within a few days of interactions with the target audience MyLnk was recognized for its unique features and marketers from different industry started using MyLnk extensively.

MyLoc Logo

On the path of consistent growth in the technology space, Neel Sinha introduced MyLoc – a personalized location pin tool. A new concept exclusively for the tech savvy world, MyLoc helps out the present generation to perform the routine task that involves sharing the location and physical address with ease. The tool enables individuals to pin and share the location link of their home, office, social gatherings, meeting point and delivery points etc. This personalized location-sharing platform gives a unique digital identification to every location that can be edited and shared easily.

Prior to the launch, first the company tested the tool with their workforce who created their personalized location links and shared with their respective networks. Progressively the location links were created and shared by many people and today there are new sign-ups every day. Youth to senior citizens, all find it easy to create and share their personalized location links.

Future Vision After gaining immense popularity and success in the Indian market, the company aims to attain wider reach across the globe with 25-30 countries using MyLnk for personalized short links and analytics. Whereas, for the MyLoc, the goal is to grab a large share of the population worldwide to register and use MyLoc  links in communications replacing the traditional address.

MyLnk, URL shortening, and management platform surely brings brands to life as it fulfils the needs of businesses and marketing experts in analyzing the success of their marketing strategy and help them in interpreting the trends and choices of their target audience in a better way. While MyLoc aids individuals to pin and share their GPS locations with ease and precision through the unique location pin to their home, offices, hangout venues, and favorite places.

MyLoc Team

MyLnk and MyLoc establishes the fact that “focus should not be on how latest and advanced the technology is, but the way technology is applied to make problems simpler”.

More details about the startup:

Name of Startup: MyLnk
Neel Sinha
Launch Date of Company:
September 2017

Website: and
Investors (If any):
MyLnk and MyLoc are  bootstrapped by nFaktor


  • The founder of the company has over 25 years of experience in the industry.
  • MyLnk tool is priced aptly to cater to the needs of every type of business.
  • MyLoc  is a location based free service.
  • Highly skilled and passionate team of over 50 employees.
  • MyLnk URL management tool offers real-time traffic analysis.
  • MyLoc enables to pin, update and share the GPS location around the globe with ease.


  • Huge potential in the marketing industry


  • To launch the URL management tool in around 25-30 countries.
  • To grab a large share population to use MyLoc