Truecaller’s Mobile Identity Solution Increases 1mg’s User Registration By 21%

Gaurav Agarwal, Co-founder, 1mg

New Delhi, 24 October 2017: Upon integration of its web and mobile app products with Truecaller’s mobile identity solution- Truecaller SDK(Software Developer Kit), leading E-commerce healthcare start-up 1mg has witnessed an impact upside of 21% increase in their daily user registration.

Gaurav Agarwal, Co-founder, 1mg
Gaurav Agarwal, Co-founder, 1mg

This integration with Truecaller SDK enables new 1mg users to instantly sign-up in a simple and quick manner using auto fill functionality and completely by passing the SMS based OTP process, using their Truecaller mobile identity.

With the above impact, this integration has enabled 1mg to seamlesslyon-board new users and appropriately connect with them for fulfilling key use cases in their platform like doctor consultations, diagnostic tests and last mile medicine ordering and delivery. The Truecaller SDK solution has been live on 1mg for about a year now and they have seen very encouraging results.

Truecaller SDK is a developer toolkit for digital startups, app developers, and other online businesses. An efficient, secure and asset-light solution, Truecaller SDK is designed to minimize complexity in user on-boarding and verification process as well as helps businesses build more trust on their products, offer more personalisation and enables further evolution of the quality of users being served by them.

Commenting on the partnership, Priyam Bose, Director & Head, Global Developer & Startup Relations, Truecaller said, “Our partnership with 1mg epitomizes the value we bring to the burgeoningintegrated digital and mobile healthcare sector in India. Truecaller’s Mobile identity toolkit is enabling better personalization, more trust and seamless consumer experience, and predictable last mile service delivery. This in turn is leading businesses like 1mg to achieve better customer satisfaction and repeat engagements.”

“Truecaller enabled us to obtain verified user identities, right at the time of signup, significantly improving sign up rates while reducing hurdles associated with OTP based registration processes. For a mobile first country like India, Truecaller helped us bridge the chasm to giving users a seamless and automated mobile registration process thus reducing user drop offs and increasing engagement across the board.”, said Gaurav Agarwal, Co-founder, 1mg.

1mg logoAbout 1mg:
1mg is India’s #1 integrated healthcare platform with more than 10 million downloads of its app and 22 million monthly visits across its web and app properties. It provides access to valuable medicine information such as uses, common side-effects, drug interactions and cheaper substitutes.1mg platform also provides its consumers other healthcare services like ePharmacy, eDiagnostics and eConsultations through its marketplace model. 1mg connects its consumers with licensed pharmacies and accredited diagnostic labs to ensure they get genuine medicines and lab sample pick-up at home. 1mg’s large network of general physicians and specialists allows its users to get quality consultation for their health related queries.

1mg is committed to making healthcare understandable, accessible and affordable for everyone with the belief that the way to improve healthcare ecosystem in India is to create a more educated and aware consumer who has access to all the information needed to participate in decisions about his/her own health. An empowered healthcare consumer will lead to a more accountable healthcare system.