How this Pune-based Startup is Transforming Healthcare Delivery

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MedRabbits, established by the visionary duo of Amol R Deshmukh and Anshad Ameenza, came into being in September 2019. With its corporate headquarters strategically located in Pune, the company has extended its footprint with a branch office in Mumbai, boasting a talented team of over ten professionals. From its inception, MedRabbits has demonstrated a remarkable trajectory towards operational profitability, with an annual revenue that consistently doubles.

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Notably, in May 2021, they achieved a significant milestone by successfully graduating from the prestigious TiE Nurture Program 9.0, a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence in the healthcare industry. We are publishing an interview ith Mr. Amol R Deshmukh, Founder & CEO, MedRabbits:

About the founders.

MedRabbits was established in 2019 by its Founder & CEO, Amol R Deshmukh. The inception of this venture was deeply influenced by a profound personal experience. In 2017, Mr. Amol witnessed the fragility of time and health when his father fell severely ill and was hospitalized. Throughout this challenging period, he patiently awaited his father’s recovery and return home, unaware of the hurdles that lay ahead.

Amol R Deshmukh, Founder and CEO, MedRabbits
Amol R Deshmukh, Founder and CEO, MedRabbits

Caring for an aging loved one who requires constant medical attention can be an arduous task, even when surrounded by supportive family and friends. The critical issue that emerged was the difficulty in sourcing skilled and trustworthy healthcare professionals to provide the required care at home. This experience led to the recognition of a significant gap in the delivery of healthcare services.

The seeds of MedRabbits were sown during this period, with a vision to bridge this gap. To bring this vision to life, Mr. Amol collaborated with the co-founder and CTO, Anshad Ameenza. Their paths converged in Trivandrum in 2019, where they embarked on a journey to create a tech-first approach to healthcare delivery in the home. Together, they have been the driving force behind MedRabbits, working tirelessly to redefine and improve healthcare services.

Q.: What is the problem you are trying to solve? Please share with us any insights that led you to believe that this is a big enough problem?

Ans: Our mission is to address several critical issues within the home healthcare sector. Firstly, we are tackling the lack of organized and accessible home healthcare options for consumers. Secondly, we are focused on providing structured employment opportunities for the healthcare workforce, ultimately enhancing their job prospects. Lastly, our commitment extends to resolving the issue of transparency, ensuring that both consumers and healthcare providers have clear and open channels of communication.

The urgency of these problems became even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when healthcare resources were under unprecedented strain. The scarcity of qualified medical professionals became increasingly pronounced, driving up costs and creating significant challenges for patients and families.

Our founder’s personal experience during this trying period, spent waiting in hospital waiting rooms during his father’s illness, illuminated the pressing need for a more organized and technology-driven approach in the home healthcare sector. While there were existing players in the market, their operations lacked the necessary structure and technological integration to effectively address these critical issues.

Q.: List all the names of the core Team Members, along with their Designated Roles.

Ans: Sure.

  • Mr. Amol R Deshmukh, Founder & CEO (Lawyer, serial entrepreneur): Mr. Deshmukh brings a wealth of legal expertise and a track record as a serial entrepreneur. His leadership and visionary outlook steer the company towards growth and innovation.
  • Mr. Anshad Ameenza, CTO (Tech guru): As the Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Ameenza is the technical genius behind our platform. His extensive knowledge of technology ensures that we stay at the forefront of innovation in healthcare.
  • Mr. Rana Bhattacharyya, GM- International Business (Headed sales for large hospital and pharma): Mr. Bhattacharyya’s extensive experience in heading sales for prominent hospitals and pharmaceutical companies positions him to drive our international business growth.
  • Mr. Ashwatsai Ganesan, Problem Fixer- Head of Operations (logistics operations): Mr. Ganesan is our logistics expert, specializing in operations. He is adept at solving complex challenges, ensuring smooth and efficient service delivery.
  • Mrs. Ritu Kumar, Customer Delight Officer (HR and customer service): Mrs. Kumar, with her background in HR and customer service, is dedicated to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and well-being.
  • Mrs. Lesha Galgali, Chief Empathy officer (Medical transcripts and customer service): Mrs. Galgali plays a vital role in understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients. Her expertise in medical transcripts enhances our service quality.
  • Ms. Sirjan Kaur Hora, Business Development Manager (Ex-Portea business development): Ms. Hora leverages her extensive business development experience, gained at Portea, to expand our business and reach new heights.
  • Mr. Rathees Kumar Nair, Wellness Coordinator (Ex- Care 24): Mr. Nair, drawing from his prior experience at Care 24, excels in coordinating wellness programs, ensuring the health and happiness of our clients.
  • Ms. Preethi Chidambaram, HR and Admin (Brilliant coordinator): Ms. Chidambaram’s exceptional coordination skills contribute to the seamless functioning of our HR and administrative operations.

Each member of our core team possesses a unique skill set and domain expertise, making them invaluable contributors to our mission of transforming healthcare. As we continue to grow, we anticipate their roles evolving to meet the dynamic needs of our expanding business.

Q.: Tell us about the Product / Solution. How did you get your first customer? Explain how you went about the Product-Market Fit Process.

Ans: MedRabbits offers a user-friendly web and mobile application that empowers customers to effortlessly browse, book, and pay for home healthcare services, all from the comfort of their homes. Our tech-first approach enables clients to access home healthcare services regardless of their geographical location. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with elderly parents in distant cities or NRIs seeking care for their elderly relatives in India.

Our journey began with a recommendation from a well-wisher who referred us to a friend in need of wound dressing services at home. Our first customer, an elderly lady, preferred the convenience of home-based care over traveling to a clinic for a simple procedure. This initial interaction set the foundation for our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of our customers.

Listening attentively to our customers has always been a top priority for us. During the pandemic, we received numerous requests for at-home RT-PCR testing, which we promptly incorporated into our service offerings, well before it became a standard practice. The lockdown further emphasized the preference for home-based services, reinforcing the significance of tech-driven healthcare solutions.

In response, MedRabbits has continued to evolve. We now feature a user-friendly web-based booking system, ensuring seamless service scheduling. Additionally, we have introduced specialized preventive care plans for the elderly, providing ongoing support to older adults. There is a growing demand for our high-quality ICU care, compassionate palliative care for end-stage patients, and convenient home-based healthcare services.

Moreover, we have ventured into health value travel services, enhancing the healthcare experience for patients seeking medical treatment in India. This aligns with the government’s ‘Heal in India’ campaign and offers a range of services, including free second opinion video consultations, streamlined surgery options with top hospitals in India, the Far East, and the Middle East, hassle-free travel arrangements, visa assistance, and personalized concierge service.

At MedRabbits, our unwavering commitment is to provide comprehensive support and exceptional care, ensuring a smooth and stress-free healthcare journey for all our clients.

Q.: What is your USP? What is the insight that you have about this market, which no one else has? Uniqueness about your Startup.

Ans: MedRabbits has always been at the forefront of incorporating technology into home healthcare services, setting us apart even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our unique value proposition lies in offering a comprehensive web-based and mobile platform that allows users to seamlessly browse, book, and access a wide array of home healthcare services. These services encompass everything from Doorstep Diagnostics to X-Rays and ECGs at home, ensuring convenience and quality care for our clients.

Our commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses or recovering from accidents or surgeries is reflected in our diverse range of medical devices. These devices, spanning mobility aids to respiratory treatment equipment, have been thoughtfully curated to improve the overall quality of life for our clients.

To date, we have facilitated over 10,000 appointments and established partnerships with more than 250 healthcare professionals, including nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, therapists, and doctors. Our services extend beyond borders through our medical tourism offerings, catering to both domestic and international healthcare needs. We take care of all the arrangements, ensuring a hassle-free healthcare journey for our customers.

A standout feature of our offerings is the innovative Care Now, Pay Later (CNPL) model, a pioneering initiative in India’s home healthcare sector. This model empowers our customers to spread their payments over 3-6 months at 0% interest, a highly favorable option for those seeking high-quality care but prefer not to make substantial upfront payments.

Furthermore, we take pride in our specialized services, including elderly preventive care, compassionate palliative care, top-tier ICU care, and a wide spectrum of home-based healthcare services. These offerings are a testament to our commitment to meeting the diverse and evolving healthcare needs of our clientele.

Q.: What were your assumptions when you entered the market, learning that you have? Who in your mind is your ideal customer? Do you have at least one of them signed up?

Ans: Upon entering the market, we recognized that home healthcare services, despite their paramount importance, were traditionally undervalued within the Indian healthcare system. The prevailing assumption was that healthcare was primarily hospital-centric, and the potential of home-based healthcare remained largely untapped.

However, our entry into the market was driven by a profound insight – the realization that home healthcare services would become increasingly vital, especially in a scenario where hospital visits were fraught with concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. It became evident that people sought safe, accessible, and high-quality healthcare solutions within the comfort of their homes. This shift in perception prompted a growing number of healthcare professionals, including physicians and nurses, to expand their services to encompass home healthcare, ranging from home consultations to assisted living support.

Our ideal customers encompass a diverse group, primarily individuals seeking top-notch medical services in the comfort of their homes, complemented by expert guidance to facilitate a seamless recovery process. This includes individuals in need of doorstep healthcare services for themselves, their elderly family members, or those seeking superior medical facilities outside their city, state, or even country.

We are proud to state that we have successfully completed over 10,000 appointments, serving a broad clientele, and have established partnerships with more than 250 highly skilled professionals. This dedicated team comprises nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, therapists, and doctors, all committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services. Our robust presence and growing customer base reflect our capacity to cater to the needs of our ideal customers effectively.

Q.: What has been your most significant entrepreneurial challenge, and what valuable insights did it provide?

Ans: In the realm of entrepreneurship, challenges are not viewed as failures but rather as invaluable learning experiences. One of the most profound insights I’ve gained on this journey is the importance of adhering to an asset-light model.

This realization stems from the understanding that assets, while often seen as valuable, can also introduce a range of liabilities and complexities. Maintaining an asset-light approach ensures greater agility, adaptability, and flexibility in navigating the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship. It allows us to focus on core competencies, leverage strategic partnerships, and allocate resources more efficiently, ultimately contributing to the sustained growth and resilience of our enterprise.

Q.: How do you determine your pricing strategy, and what is the underlying rationale behind it?

Ans: At MedRabbits, our mission is to transform healthcare by providing a seamless and convenient platform for customers to access a wide array of medical services and tests, all from the comfort of their homes. Our pricing strategy reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare experiences.

While our services are competitively priced, they tend to fall towards the premium end of the spectrum. This pricing approach aligns with our unwavering dedication to quality. We prioritize the continuous training and grooming of our staff, ensuring they maintain the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

One of the distinctive features of our pricing model is the Care Now, Pay Later (CNPL) option. This innovation allows customers to spread their payments across interest-free EMIs over 3-6 months. We believe this offering will greatly benefit those seeking affordable healthcare solutions, making high-quality care accessible without the burden of immediate upfront payments.

We often pose a simple question: If you can purchase a mobile phone through EMIs, why not extend the same convenience to healthcare, a service that is just as essential? Our pricing strategy reflects our commitment to democratizing access to quality healthcare while maintaining a premium standard of service.

Q.: Can you tell us about your investors, if any?
For the past four years, MedRabbits has been entirely self-funded, a testament to our commitment to financial discipline. While we have been self-reliant thus far, we are actively exploring opportunities for strategic investments that can not only fuel our growth but also bring additional value to our company and its existing portfolio.

Q.: Do you have any interesting success stories related to your startup? If so, please share one with us.
Recently, we expanded our services to Bangladesh, establishing a physical presence there and forming partnerships with several corporate entities. These collaborations enable us to provide their employees with a dependable and exceptional healthcare experience.

Q.: Could you provide insights into your startup’s performance since its inception, such as turnover, website visitors, registrations, inquiries, and enrollments?
MedRabbits has seen significant growth since its inception. To date, we have facilitated over 10,000 appointments and have forged partnerships with more than 250 healthcare professionals, including nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, therapists, and doctors. Currently operational in Mumbai and Pune, we have achieved operational profitability, with our revenue doubling every year. In May 2021, we successfully completed the TiE Nurture Program 9.0, organized by TiE Pune.

Q.: What is the broader vision for your startup? Is your product or service a stepping stone toward a larger goal? If so, how?
MedRabbits’ journey began with the establishment of a cutting-edge training facility in Pune dedicated to healthcare professionals offering home care services. We subsequently brought together a team of healthcare experts who shared our commitment to enhancing the quality of home healthcare in India, leading to the creation of the MedRabbits Experience. From a modest two-person operation, we have expanded to a team of over 10 and are now operational in two cities.

Our vision has always extended beyond our current services. As a company deeply rooted in delivering exceptional customer service, we’ve identified substantial gaps in various healthcare delivery sectors. Ultimately, we envision MedRabbits evolving into a comprehensive healthcare company, serving as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

Q.: Who do you view as your main competitors, and how do you differentiate your startup from them?
Our main competitors in the home healthcare sector include Portea, HCAH, and Care24. What sets MedRabbits apart is our relentless focus on leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience, exemplified by our legal entity name, Magic Potion Technology Pvt. Ltd. We are rapidly expanding our suite of healthcare services, positioning ourselves as holistic care providers.

With our three-pronged approach of Easy Access, Expert Advice, and Efficient Coordination, we deliver best-in-class healthcare services, as evidenced by our high Google ratings. Having completed over 10,000 appointments and partnered with 250+ skilled professionals, we offer services ranging from nursing and attendants to physiotherapy, therapy, and medical consultations.

Our empathetic approach ensures that patients have a positive and comfortable experience, with us managing all the arrangements on their behalf. Additionally, we introduced an innovative feature, our Care Now, Pay Later (CNPL) model, offering 0% interest EMIs over 3-6 months, making quality healthcare accessible without substantial upfront costs. Our popular services encompass elderly preventive care, palliative care, high-quality ICU care, and home-based care.

Q.: What are your goals for the next six months, and do you have any other important updates to share?
Over the next six months, we plan to deepen our presence in our existing cities while also expanding our reach internationally. We are excited to announce our recent launch of services in Bangladesh, marking the beginning of our international journey. Stay tuned for the launch of new and exciting services in the coming months.

Q.: What message would you like to convey to your fellow entrepreneurs?
In the entrepreneurial journey, there are no failures, only valuable lessons. Building a great company requires patience and perseverance, traits that will endure the test of time. Time can be both your greatest friend and your greatest enemy, so adapt and evolve continuously.

Creating a startup from the ground up demands a highly motivated team of individuals. Maintaining their motivation is an ongoing challenge, but their dedication and contributions form the bedrock of your company’s success.