This Kolkata Based EdTech Startup Becomes India’s First Company to Launch Full-fledged IIT-JEE Advanced Test Series

Rohti Singh, Founder, InnovED Global

InnovED Global LogoA Kolkata based Edtech startup has done what other Unicorns in Edtech field couldn’t achieve. They have launched India’s first online test series comprising of all types of questions-Matrix type, Passage Based, Assertion reason, Integer type as well as more than one correct.

With 2.2 lakh student qualifying for IIT-JEE Advanced. Essentially, not a single online test series exist in the market which is adaptive to all the different types of question in the prescribed format of JEE-Advanced.

Is InnovED Global just an online test series platform?
InnovED Global is essentially a platform which will give all the coaching institutes and schools in India a technological empowerment in learning and competence. Bringing teacher, parent and student in single loop to achieve sure success.

Founder, Rohit Singh, an alumnus of IIT-Delhi, believes that education system globally needs a major overhaul, restructuring and reshaping which could be achieved through technology keeping in mind the students, teachers and parents.

Rohti Singh,  Founder, InnovED GlobalHow it works?
Indian Coaching and education system is still very far behind in digital education implementation as most of the startups in this field have alienated parents, teachers and Institutes, but what InnovED Global is doing in this regard is extremely unique.

Whether it is a small or a big institute, InnovED Global develops and provides the technology as well as content in the Institute’s own brand name. InnovED Global has separate team working for content and technology making sure the institute always receives the required technical and content upgradation from time to time. With this technology, institutes can conduct daily tests for which students can appear by logging on Mobile, Desktop or Tablet.

After finishing the test, result is displayed with the solution so that student can mark out his mistakes on the same day.

After the test, parents, teacher and the Institute can monitor the performance of the student. Before coming to next class, teacher can login from his mobile phone and check the weak points of the student and can quickly focus on those weak parts during the class in a short time.

So student performance and weakness is measured throughout 365 days with daily short tests even on days like Diwali and Christmas when a teacher can push surprise test to student from his home in just few seconds by a click of a button.

Journey till date
As the Major problem with technology in education is its implementation. For this reason InnovED Global did a pilot run on an institute based in Kolkata called EduPace Academy. Now after a successfully pilot run and more than 75% student cracking IIT-JEE from EduPace.
EduPace Academy has signed a 200,000 USD contract with InnovED Global.
With more contracts lined up Team InnovED is indeed shaking the Education Industry.

The Future Path
Team InnovEd Global believes in supplying low cost technology to the masses and will be penetrating the International market by the end of this year. For this InnovED Global team is comprehensively doing research on Web-VR and Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the Education and leaning market which is currently a USD 5000 Billon Industry.